Behind the scenes at the AIU London Fashion Show

Earlier this week the LiB team attended the American InterContinental University London Fashion Show, which showcased not only the talents of the BA (Hons) Fashion Design and BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing students, but also the skills of the team at Mayfair’s Electric Hair, and the MUA’s from The Session School.

Catwalk hair and makeup for a show like this is always a tricky business. Unlike most shows, where the look has to work for only one collection (and thus the creative team can try something a bit more adventurous) the models at a student show are usually wearing the collections of multiple designers. So how exactly do you create a catwalk look that’ll work just as well with hard-edged origami pleats as it will with romantic dirndl frocks?

When it comes to hair the look usually goes one of two ways: a sleek ponytail or a fluffy frizzball. As you can see from the pics above, this time round, the frizz won out, with any model with hair below chin length wearing it in a halo of crimped and backcombed fuzz. It might not be the kind of thing you can wear down the pub on a Friday night, but for setting off the experimental looks of student designers, it works a treat. If you’re feeling brave, recreate it at home with old school crimpers and lots of backcombing. If you don’t have crimpers, try winding small pieces of hair around bun pins (this sort, not kirby grips) in a figure of 8 pattern, twisting the ends to keep it in place. Hold hair straighteners (or use a blow dryer) over each woven section to add some heat, then leave to cool before removing and fluffing up the hair with your fingers (or a brush, for even more frizz).

Makeup wise, where else to go but slighly smudgy winged eyeliner? Teamed with defined brows, natural lips and sharply defined cheekbones, it’s a look that sculpted the face under the harsh catwalk lights, but didn’t take away from the clothes.

For more info on the AIU show, visit their website.

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2 Responses to “Behind the scenes at the AIU London Fashion Show”

  1. margueritejcombs says:

    I think this three top model deserves to wear this fashionable collection of dresses. They look so fabulous and unique. And one thing I was amazed is their Catwalk hair. Good luck for those ramp models you all deserved it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those fashion is really cool! And those models are really nice. Hope that there would be more people that would help those people who do not have any sense of style.

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