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Get skin ready for spring with Nuxe
Monday, March 23rd, 2015


When you hear the words ‘face mask’, you instantly think of a blackhead, blemish fighting clay number that pulls impurities out of the skin. Whilst these kinds of masks are a staple in our beauty cabinets, there are so many more options to choose from suitable for every skin type. Not to mention, we are so over detoxing. Right now, it’s all about putting life back into your skin post-winter. Cold weather can leave your skin feeling dry and dull – not exactly the fresh faced look you want to enter into spring with.

A cream mask is the perfect fix-it! One of the best out there has to be the Nuxe Crème Fraiche de Beauté Mask , designed to be a rescue remedy for dry skin. It’s brimming with 8 plant milks that feed the skin with nourishment, and on top of that it is also infused with aloe vera, a well known super plant! All it takes is 10 minutes for it to work its magic. As soon as it’s applied, the cream formula will soothe any discomfort, and the after effects are just as impressive. Any signs of redness are eliminated, and skin is left looking perky. Who doesn’t love that freshly moisturised feeling? One of the best things about cream mask is that they are effective fast, and they don’t dry on the skin which can be off putting for some people – especially when it comes to washing it off!

This mask ticks all of the boxes for spring skin needs, but it’s a great option to keep to hand all year round. Lets face us, it’s not difficult to find an excuse to slather this on as a hydrating treat during any season!

Mayah Parmenter

London Fashion Week: Temperley London Winter 2015 Collection
Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

MO Temperley 011

Hair Design by Antonio Corral Calero, Global Moroccanoil® Ambassador

It’s difficult to already think ahead to next winter when we’re only just coming into spring, but we can’t help but lust after these A/W15 hair looks by Antonio Corral Calero of Moroccanoil. Created for Temperly London, Antonio has taken strong inspiration from the 70’s.

Image 1

The relaxed, natural waves in the hair have been empathised to add an air of bohemianism. We’re talking long, loose layers which are effortless yet chic. Paired with warm fabrics, textured feathers, fluid silks and beautiful sequins, this understated hairstyle screams elegance. The hair is there to enhance the natural beauty of each women, not to overpower it.

Image 2

How the Look Was Created:

1 – Begin by evenly covering damp hair with Moroccanoil Treatment Light. We use the light version of the treatment and clap it on to the hair instead of combing it through as the hair needs a soft touch to condition it gently.

2 – Apply Moroccanoil Root Boost to layers of the hair in order to create texture before blow drying roughly. There should be no tension in the hair, using hands rather than brushes to get a lift from the root base.

3 – Because this look is about what a normal woman would do to her hair, we want to style it as if a regular woman has found some pins to keep her hair in place on a British winter day.

4 – Loosely pull the right side of the hair to the middle at the back of the head and pin in place. Then pull the left side loosely over and loop over the previously place pins before folding in.

5 – To finish the look, casually pull forward any fly away hair so that it falls softly around the face into its natural position.

6 – The final look is consistent but individual – a very simple, believable style, that can easily be personalised

MO Temperley 017

For more information on Moroccanoil, visit For daily behind-the-scenes content, follow Moroccanoil on Twitter and Instagram. Also, subscribe to their beauty tutorials on YouTube and join the conversation on Facebook!



Temperley London Winter 2015 Collection
Hair Design by Antonio Corral Calero, Global Moroccanoil® Ambassador
Photography: Piers Macdonald for Moroccanoil


Mayah Parmenter

Grab your makeup bag, it’s time for date night!
Friday, February 13th, 2015

With the arrival of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, cards are being signed, flowers delivered, chocolate bought and tables for two finally booked. Oh, and how can we forget…outfits and makeup being picked. Whether it’s a fresh romance or the love of your life, there’s no doubt you want to make an impression. Whilst you can’t go wrong with a sultry dark eye and vampy lip, we’re feeling light and airy here at Latest in Beauty, and have put together the perfect look to match with our His & Hers Beauty Box to accentuate your natural beauty…

date night

It’s All In The Eyes – A girl’s most flirtatious asset is her eyes, so you want to keep them simple and bright over that candle lit dinner (a girl can dream, no?).  Wild About Beauty’s Powder Eyeshadows come in beautiful neutral shades which come in handy to add a little colour boost whilst still letting your eyes shine through. Try a toned down version of this smokey eye look. Finish off with a shot of volume to create dreamy, fluttery lashes using the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara.

The Flush Of Love – If you don’t have naturally rosy cheeks, fake it! MeMeMe Cherub’s Blush Cheek and Lip Tint is a universally flattering cherry shade and comes as a liquid, so it’s easy to slowly build it up drop by drop to the look that you want. You can go for a light wash of colour on the apples, or take it up a notch to add more warmth. This can also be dabbed onto lips to create a kiss-proof ruby stain…

Time To Pucker Up! – If you’re after a more polished pout, Charlotte Tilbury’s K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks are the way to go.  Enriched with a lip plumping oil from what Charlotte Tilbury have dubbed The Lipstick Tree, these lippies leave your kisser nourished and protected. Right now we can’t get enough of Bitch Perfect. This YLBB will leave your lips with a flawless finish. If a killer red is more up your street, there’s no better choice than Love Bite.

Seal The Deal – On those big date nights, it’s all about attention to detail. We quite often forget that we mostly express ourselves through our hands in conversation, so your nails will be firmly in the spotlight when it comes to d-day. Lacquering up your nails shows you mean business…especially if you go red.  Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquer in Apple is a super glossy true red that will draw the best kind of attention to your nails, but is gentle to your talons with a 4-free formula. But the art of seduction isn’t all in the look. Entice your date with a feminine scent like  Jimmy Choo Parfum which exudes confidence and sensuality.


Mayah Parmenter

5 different ways to wear liquid eyeliner with Eyeko
Monday, February 9th, 2015

As much as we all love a classic cat eye look, sometimes we need a little inspiration to change it up and try new looks. With the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner being the perfect tool to experiment, we’ve created 5 different looks that can all easily be achieved – even without much practice! Eyeko - Full Lashes If you haven’t been blessed with thick dark lashes, then this is a great look to go for. Draw a thin line tightly along the top lash line; keep this to where your eyelashes naturally start and finish growing. Flick it out slightly on the outer corner, but keep it thin enough so that it will blend in with your lashes. Curl your eyelashes and pair with a volumising mascara. Voila! Eyeko - Office Chic Keep it simple at work with a small flick in the outer corner of the eye. The trick to this one is to make the wing small and sharp. This opens up the eye but still has a minimalist feel. Leave the top lash line bare and pair this with a defining and separating mascara. If you want to jazz it up a bit this look also goes well with a pop of colour on the lids. Eyeko - Retro This look puts all of the empathises on the top lash line to create a thick, fluttery looking lashes – for this you’ll want to skip mascara on the bottom lashes. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, keep your line thin and slowing thicken it as you get towards the outer corner. I always find it helpful to draw an outline first! Don’t take the flick past the edge of the brow bone and instead curl it upwards for a flirty edge. Eyeko - Cleopatra This look is characterised by it’s straighter and more elongated wing alongside a mini wing on the inner corner of the eye. To achieve this draw the outer wing aiming towards the end your eyebrow – the more dramatic you want the look, the longer the wing. Keep the top line fairly thin and close to the lash line, taking it all the way to the inner corner to create the second wing. Eyeko - Bold Black Sometimes there’s no better way to do dramatic than with dark, defined eyes. To create this look you want to cover almost all of your eyelid with a thick even line. This works particularly well if you have small eyelids (like me) or monolids. Bring the line out to a point without winging it outwards. Instead take it only to the natural edge of your eyelid so it accentuate the shape of your eye. To add extra drama to the look, line the outer corner of your bottom lash line to create a defined almond shape.

Check out the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in our Get The Gloss Beauty Insider’s Kit, plus to find out more about Eyeko visit

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Damage control! Restore your hair back to basics
Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Like most girls, my hair has been through many phases. The classic spice girl highlights, the electric blue emo streaks and the bright red Rihanna! As I’m approaching my mid-twenties and tying the knot this year I’m wishing I could rewind time and have my natural, unbleached, undamaged hair back. My hair is long and thick so having it treated at a salon would probably cost me an arm and a leg, so instead I’ve gathered together some advice and got my hair back to basics.

natural hair


Removing red!

Once you dye your hair red, it is extremely difficult to remove unless you just let it grow out but let’s face it, who has time for that? Don’t make the mistake of bleaching over the red and popping another dye on top, it’ll just cause more damage in the long run. Instead, use a ‘colour remover.’ Although these products are not particularly great for your hair, they’re far less damaging than another round of bleach. There are several brands so it’s easy to pick the one that’s best for you.  If, like me, you have previously bleached your hair, don’t be alarmed if the colour remover reveals harsh yellowish tones underneath. Unfortunately there isn’t a way of removing them without applying your desired, more natural looking colour over the top. This, however, should take well with the red tones now gone.


Restoring your hair back to health

After putting your hair through so much, it can feel a little brittle. The first thing to do after you have washed it is to apply conditioner I use OGX Renewing Argan oil of Morocco and leave it in overnight – sleep with a shower cap on if you have to! The next day when you wash your hair, it should feel much healthier and smoother. I would recommend leaving your hair for thirty minutes to dry naturally. This will minimise the time it takes to blow dry, therefore minimising further damage! I find that applying argan oil to wet hair and spraying it with Toni & Guy’s Prep Heat Protection Mist keeps my hair feeling soft. Treat your hair once a week with a conditioning treatment and I promise your hair will look bouncy and beautiful in no time!


Top tip: Believe it or not, applying egg yolks to damp hair and leaving on for twenty minutes will help repair your brittle hair. Try this just once a month and you really will notice the difference!



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