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Get the look – All About Eyes
Monday, March 24th, 2014

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could do all the thinking and select the perfect make-up products, so all you have to worry about is how to recreate the look? Here at Latest in Beauty, we’ve done just that in our exclusive limited edition All About Eyes beauty box.


To make it even easier, we’ve put together a short tutorial so you can really make the most out of your new ‘All About Eyes’ beauty box.

Before we start with the eye make-up, prepare your skin with your favourite base; be it a foundation or a BB Cream.

Let’s get started…


Using The Vintage Cosmetics Company eyeshadow brush, apply your Bellapierre Cosmetics eyeshadow. Use only a small amount of product on the brush and gently pat it onto your eyelids, keeping the shadow on the moving part of your lids. Use a tissue to remove any leftover product from the brush and use it to blend the eyeshadow on the socket line. This will help you to achieve softer finish.


Next, use the Green People Pencil Anti-Age Eyeliner in grey on your eyebrows. It’s a perfect cheat to use grey or dark brown eyeliner on your eyebrows if you haven’t got a brow product handy!

AllaboutE_linerNow it’s time to use your eyeliner in a more traditional way; simply apply it underneath the bottom lashes and along your top lid. You don’t have to draw a full line in one go, do it in small feathery movements; it’ll be much easier to achieve the perfect line and intensity.

Before applying your Benefit Cosmetics ’They’re Real!’ mascara, curl your lashes with The Vintage Cosmetic Company Lash Curlers.  Click HERE for an in depth tutorial on how to curl your eyelashes.


Finally, enhance your lashes with Benefit ‘They’re Real! mascara. If you want fuller, wider looking eyes, use the gorgeous, yet subtle, JINNYlash Strip Lashes. If using the lashes, you can skip the previous two steps, but only if you really want to!



It’s not difficult to apply strip eyelashes, simply apply a small  drop of the eyelash glue onto the back of your hand and gently apply the glue along the strip of the false lash. Wait a few seconds before pressing the strip into your lash line, this will make the glue stickier. Using your The Vintage Cosmetic Company Tweezers, place your false eyelashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. Use tweezers to place more glue in areas if needed.


Finally, with your eyeliner, draw a line just where the false lashes are placed, to hide the strip of the false lashes.


Tadaa – your eyes should now be looking big, bright and ever so beautiful. If you haven’t already got your hands on the ‘All About Eyes’ box, what are you waiting for? Grab your box HERE for just £18.95 plus p&p.


Mum Knows Best: The best beauty tips we learnt from our mums
Friday, March 21st, 2014

As a child, I used to love watching my mum get ready in front of the mirror. I loved the way she put on her lipstick, and used it as blush on her cheeks too. I learnt all my beauty tips and tricks from mum and grandma. It’s a fact, mum always knows best!

Mother's Day

Here, the LiB ladies share their mothers best beauty tips…


“My mum is serious about sun care. Honestly, she used to chase me around the beach/pool to put it on when I was younger. She said I had two choices; a) A temporary tan that will ruin your skin and fade in a week, or b) fabulous skin & a lower cancer risk until you’re much older. If any of you have ever met my mum and seen her skin you’ll know that – annoyingly – she’s right!”
-Charlotte Ashton


“My mum always told me to clean my face with a warm flannel to open your pores. And always make sure your feet look good – you can tell a lot about a woman from her feet!”
-Katie Tillard


“The best beauty tip my mother ever told me was to always wash all your make-up before you go to bed, and smile – it’s the most beautiful thing you can wear! She also told me not to shave my legs, because as soon as you start, you never stop. She was right!”
-Fiona Dillon


“Trim your hair every 8 weeks; healthy hair won’t split so it will grow much longer and stronger!”
-Ewa Pietreniuk


“My Mother’s most important piece of advice was when moisturising your face, don’t forget your neck too! Always moisturise in an upwards motion, things head south sooner or later so best not encourage it!”
-Hayley Lockhart

“Less is more, especially during the day.”
-Claire Haddon-Grant


“Stop touching your face, especially if you suffer from spots. Your hands are full germs and will only make them last longer!”
-Clementine Bunkall

“Make one night a week pamper night. Not only will you look better, but you’ll feel better too!”
-Caitlin Davies


“Always look after you teeth, brush them twice a day, everyday! I didn’t want to listen, but I’m glad I did.”
-Nort Janssen, Latest in Beauty Founder and MD

What’s the best beauty tip you learnt from your mum? Share your tips on TWITTER, and don’t forget to include the hashtag #MumsBeautyTip and you could WIN a Pamper Pack for you and Mum! Find out more here.


Get the ‘CHEEKY’ look this spring!
Friday, March 7th, 2014


Let’s get a little bit cheeky today and create this uplifting look with a little bit of help from CHEEKY Cosmetics.  CHEEKY  is the new brand on the block promising to re-write the beauty rules. Their products are well priced and contain some fabulous ingredients. They are created for those who want to stay one step ahead when it comes to style.

I’m always very excited to see a new brand emerging on the beauty market. No matter how many brands and products there are out there, the arrival of something new means new ways of thinking about beauty. So, when I got my hands on some of CHEEKY products, I decided to have a play and create a bit more of a ‘CHEEKY’ look than what I would usually go for.

For this look I’ve only used 4 CHEEKY items; two skin and two hair-styling products.

To recreate this look you’ll need the CHEEKY ’Kiss ’n’ Tell’ Lip and Cheek stain  in posy rosey, and ‘Freeze Frame’ Makeup Setting Spray.


To style your hair use ‘Pump It’- Hair Plumping Powder and ‘Ruffle My Feathers‘ – Hair Shine Spray.


Start with a foundation base to make your skin look flawless. For the eyes choose natural shades, but don’t be afraid to frame your eyes a bit more with some darker eyeliner or black eyeshadow applied along your lash line. This will add drama to the overall look.

Cheeky Face!

Start with a pop of colour on your cheeks. I love using brushes to work with cream blushers, it makes it easy to distribute product evenly on both cheeks. However I always finish off by gently patting the blusher with my fingertips, this way it will look like it’s your skin rather than makeup.

photo 1Moving onto your lips; with a lip brush, or your fingertips, apply the  ’Kiss ’n’ Tell’  Cheek and Lip Stain. This product is just stunning on the lips, not only does it looks daring, but it actually doesn’t come off when kissing – of course I’ve tested it!


Next step is your Freeze Frame – Makeup Setting Spray. I’m going to share a makeup artist’s secret with you; spritz your face just after you’ve applied your foundation and pat gently with a flat foundation brush. It’s a trick that makes even full coverage foundation look like your second skin. Follow with colour cosmetics on top and then give it one more spritz, just to set your makeup.


Cheeky hair!

Apply ’Pump It’-  Plumping Powder into the roots of your hair, right at the crown of your head; this will add volume and body to the top part of your hair.



Next pour some ‘Pump It’ powder onto your hands and rub into the mid- length and ends of your hair. This will add body and help your hair to stay ruffled all day long.

photo 2

If your hair is straight and sleek like mine, I suggest you add a few curls, just on the very top layer of your hair, and perhaps a couple on the bottom. You’ll find it’s much easier to create this cool messy style when you have a bit more body in your hair.


Once you’ve created your curls, separate them with your hands. Then just mess up your hair a little bit more, adding a tiny little bit of the ‘Pump It’ ‘-  Plumping Powder if you feel like you need extra volume.



Finish off the look by spritzing ‘Ruffle My Feathers’ - Hair Shine Spray.  to give your ‘feathers’ some serious shine and voila!



Have you tried any cheeky products yet? 



7 Steps to the perfect CHEEKY manicure.
Monday, March 3rd, 2014


The perfect manicure doesn’t have to be reserved for beauty salons; you can get this look at home too! Follow these simple steps to create a beautiful, long-lasting manicure in the comfort of your own home.

  1. File your nails; this will prevent your nail polish from chipping and make your nails even in shape.
  2. Push away your cuticles to not only keep your nails looking tidy, healthy and conditioned but it also enables you to get the nail polish closer to your cuticles, giving you a salon like finish.
  3. Just before you apply your nail varnish wipe each nail with some of your nail polish remover, this will take all the grease away allowing your nail polish to grip better and therefore last longer.
  4. Use a base coat to prevent the polish from staining your nails. This is especially important with dark or vibrant colours.
  5. Choose a nail polish with a wide brush such as CHEEKY Nail Paint (featured in the Glamour Beauty Edit) to make the application quicker, smoother and easier.
  6. Use two coats of polish, it’ll last longer and look more vibrant.
  7. Always use a clear top-coat to keep your manicure chip-free for longer, but make sure you let your nail paint dry well before applying the last coat.

We hope that these steps will help you to create a perfect CHEEKY manicure. Watch the video to see how we’ve done it.

For our cheeky manicure we’ve used CHEEKY ‘Chat Me Up Nail Paint’ in Tongue ‘n’ Cheek. You can try it now in the Glamour Beauty Edit along with six other must-have items for spring for just £14.95 plus P&P




Best Holistic Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing
Friday, February 28th, 2014


Winter can be especially harsh to our skin. It’s the time when cold winds, central heating, and too much comfort food over the festive season combine to make a perfect storm of skin woe. Luckily I have a few holistic tips up my sleeve gleaned that can help restore the glow back to even the most lacklustre skin.

1) Dry Body Brushing

This is so effective that I believe everyone should own a body brush with natural bristles. Not only is it good for stimulating the lymphatic system and detoxifying but also gets rid of dead skin cells and boost circulation leaving your skin softer, brighter and healthier. I recommend doing this at least three times a week before you shower or bathe for the best benefits.

2) Homemade Body oil

Used by many yogis and for good reason. After you body brush and before you get in the shower, apply some cold pressed organic sesame or almond oil (packed with vitamin e) in long sweeping strokes. Spend a bit of time massaging any stiff muscles. You don’t need to use soap or shower gel in the shower just let the water wash it off. The result is smooth and Silky skin after you dry off with no need for body cream. If you want a bit of a scent apply some pure essential oil to the sesame oil. My favourite is bergamot but there are plenty to choose from….jasmine, lavender, and neroli to name a few. Your skin will love you.

3) Omega-3

Really nothing sorts skin out better than a healthy diet. We are what we eat after all! Top of the list of foodie glow-getters is anything packed with omega-3 fatty acids. These are crucial for keeping your skin firm and naturally moisturised as they protect the skin by providing cell membranes with a much needed layer or moisture. If you’re a veggie, chia seeds and walnuts are a great source, as is oily fish. My skin always feels that much springier after a tasty salmon fillet.

4) Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital to the creation of collagen, that stuff that keeps skin bouncy and youthful. Collagen is the body’s main structural protein and integral for getting a first rate glow. Rather than drinking orange juice, which can be a bit overloaded with fruit sugars, opt for eating foods rich in vitamin C that break down more slowly in the system. Did you know that red bell peppers, broccoli and kale all have more vitamin C than oranges?

5) Manuka Honey Facemask

I love a bit of DIY beauty. You know every ingredient that goes in to your potion, so you know for sure there are no added nasties! Manuka honey is a bit of a wonder product in my book. Breakouts, dullness from fatigue, redness and irritation can all be soothed and remedied with a good slather of this golden gloop. Honey helps to heal damaged skin, detoxify, oxygenate and gently exfoliate. Plus it’s really nourishing so leaves your skin visibly glowing afterwards. Dab on any problem areas or whip up into a face mask with other skin yummies like avocado then rinse off after 15 minutes.

To find your next wellness getaway break please visit:


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