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Back to basics: Get the natural glow
Monday, July 27th, 2015

Summer can be a difficult time for us women, especially with the temperamental weather that comes with living in Britain. One week it will be a heat wave and the next cold with rain, this can all be quite harsh and confusing on our skin. The best way to keep up with the ever-changing weather is to have good skincare products in your beauty cabinet, and to come up with a routine. Sometimes going back to basics and using all natural products can make a big difference! It is like a detox for your face, and you feel just as good as you would after having spent a day at a spa.

Natural glow

One little gem is Aurelia Refine & Polish Miracle Balm, which makes your skin clearer and more beautiful. The balm works wonders and means for more lazy makeup days; there’s no need for primer, and if you are bold enough you could even dare to go without foundation as your skin looks that clear. It is perfect for beach days when you just want to put on a dash of mascara and blusher. The natural refining beads are also very soothing and make your face feel relaxed, whilst getting rid of dry skin cells and brightening up your complexion. The essential oil blend of Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Bergamot makes for a lovely organic scent that remains all day, and even if you are in a city it will make you feel like you are surrounded by nature.

Used along with the Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator SPF 8, it makes for quite a fitting pairing if you ask me. The combination of the two skin care products leads to a very natural glow and healthy look. The Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and ultra hydrating botanicals, all of which are good for you. This product is perfect for cold or dry weather, as it helps to plump and moisturize skin leaving your face smooth all day. A bonus of the moisturiser is that it is usable all year round, and you only need a small amount to put on your face, which means it will last longer and no rushing out after a couple of weeks to pick up another one. You can also fit this little beauty in your handbag and top up throughout the day if the sun dries out your skin.

Don’t forget to order your Get The Gloss Summer It Kit, to try these two fantastic natural products and many other summer essentials! For more from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, visit , and for Elemental Herbology head to


Keep your cool with these top beauty discoveries
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

It’s true; everyone loves summer, especially having a spot of warm weather. But, one of the biggest challenges is keeping cool and not letting those humid summer days damage your hair, nor those long summer nights of partying draw the radiance from your face! One of the best ways to keep cool this summer is from Mother Nature herself, so I’ve been reaching for some of the most botanically beneficial products out there, containing active ingredients to produce very noticeable results.

Keep cool

First up, is the Anne Semonin Eye Express Radiance Cube. A leading Parisian brand founded 25 years ago, they pride themselves on being the ‘epitome of radiance’. Collaborating with France’s top laboratories and trusted make up professionals, Anne Semonin’s Eye Express Radiance Cube has been designed with ingredients that closely work together to eliminate any signs of tired or puffy eyes. Specifically developed for the delicate eye area, the Eye Express Cube contains active ingredients such as Gingko Biloba, Tesphorsia Purpurea (Wild Indigo) and Hyaluronic acid. These key active ingredients work together to stimulate circulation, hydrate and stimulate the relaxation of skin distress. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance and one of the most effective moisturisers. How does it work? Hyaluronic Acid adds volume under the skin, reducing fine lines and any signs of sunken in eyes. That gets a big thumbs up from me!

The most revolutionary part of Anne Semonin’s creation is that it uses a method called Cryotherapy. Need a little background on what that even means? I did too! This therapeutic method uses low temperature is incredibly effective. The extreme cold enables the blood vessels to speed up the draining of toxins and damaged cells and gives you an amazing feeling of freshness and well-being. What else could ask for when it comes to eyecare? The Eye Express Radiance Cube needs to be frozen for a minimum of 3 hours for effective results. It also makes the skin thinner and smoother due to the extreme cold, which also ensures optimum efficiency to any beauty products applied to the face after using the cube.

Another cooler than cool, recent discovery of mine is the SalonScience AquaCacteen Hydrasoothe™ Cooling Spray. SalonScience is an innovative and smart solution hair care collection, led by the award-winning celebrity hairdresser, Andrew Jose. Combining the most advanced plant technology, Salon Science has developed a new product containing a radical ingredient- AquaCacteen. Originating from an organic cactus, AquaCacteen is a refined elixir extracted from a prickly pear – also known as Opuntia Ficus-Indica. As cacti originate from extremely hot environments they have amazing hydrating properties due to their water binding compounds, therefore, AquaCacteen holds the an incredible ability to hydrate and soothe skin almost instantly. It is thanks to this hero botanical, that this unique elixir hydrates and soothes. It also helps to protect the hair and scalp against all environmental stress including sun protection- making it the perfect summer essential! Containing many antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, AquaCacteen makes the perfect shield for your hair.


Top tip: Another amazing plant is Aloe Vera. It contains plenty of hydrating ingredients that are good for your skin, including Hyaluronic Acid! To keep your coolest, swap any moisturiser with a cooling Aloe Vera one. This helps lower your skin temperature, especially after being in the sun and it’ll keep you feeling cool as a cucumber!


Find out more about Anne Semonin at, and to learn more about Salon Science go to

Not forgetting – you can try both of these incredible products in the Get The Gloss Summer It-Kit!

Written by Cassie Hallala

Tone up this summer with these top tips
Monday, July 13th, 2015

When summer arrives, I’m sure I’m not the only one that inwardly screams with terror at the thought of my not-so-ready bikini bod being flaunted at the beach. Not to worry, I have some useful tips…

Beauty wise, regularly exfoliating with help to keep your skin feeling firm and smooth! Exfoliate 1-2 times a week, as any more can’t actually start to damage skin. My personal pick is the Balance Me’s Super Toning Body Polish.This spa-inspired blend of naturally active oils will give you glowing confidence this summer! So how does it work? Well…it gives your body a cellulite-busting, toning workout just by massaging it onto your skin, as well as improved circulation, skin tone and smoothness. Ground walnut shells take care of the exfoliating naturally, whilst star ingredient blackberry leaf extract has collagen and elastin boosting properties, putting your skin to work! Over time, you will start to notice your skin is more supple. If only all exercise was that easy!

Balance Me

Whilst the body polish will help to refine your skin and tone, there is no quick fix to a toned body! In terms of physical exercise, the Daily Workouts App (which is free) is what I like to call my everyday personal trainer. It’s broken down into cardio, leg, arm, butt and ab, so you can concentrate on which area of your body needs the most toning up. You can even go for the ‘full’ option if you’re feeling superduper sporty!

One of the best exercises from the app, which targets your bum, legs and lower back, is a simple squat. I know, no one likes squats! But spend 5 minutes a day doing this, and you’ll be surprised how quickly your thighs and bum start to tone up. All you have to do is:


1. Stand your feet hip distance apart, parallel with your hips

2. Bend at your knees, making sure to stick your bum behind you to avoid bringing your knees far forward in front of your feet.

3. Keep your back straight, putting the weight in your heels.

4. When you come back up in the stand position, make sure you squeeze those glutes!

If you’re a beginner, you can put your arms straight forward to steady yourself, but once you have the hang of it, you can start lifting small weights to help tone your arms too!

To try the Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish, get it now in our Glamour Summer Edit at, and to find out more about Balance Me, you can visit


The in-flight beauty essentials you need this summer
Friday, July 10th, 2015

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to look and feel their very best when stepping off a plane, especially when it comes to summer. Take a long or short distance flight, and you might get some altitude skin dryness. I mean seriously, whose face doesn’t get dry when they’re 40,000 feet high? If it wasn’t bad enough, the limits on what beauty products you can take in your carry on can make matters seem pretty dire. Luckily though, I’ve discovered a simple way to overcome with the Malin & Goetz three-piece mini kit in the Capital Best Of Summer box.

Malin + Goetz

The intensely hydrating vitamin E face moisturizer is a must-have this summer, hopping on and off a plane or at your destination! It also has pH balance for all skin types, natural anti-oxidants, B5 (that’s panthenol for all you non-scientists), soothing chamomile, and fatty acids to nourish without irritation!

Dry skin isn’t just limited to your face, so don’t forget your lips. Chapped lips are pretty common after a flight, as the air in the cabin is stale and lacks any moisture. For this reason alone, lip balm is a must. The lip moisturizer in this kit is thick and super protective, making it perfect in-flight. It even has a glossy shine, making you look far less like you’ve just stepped off a plane!

Speaking of stepping off a plane, the first thing you always feel like doing is freshening up. The grapefruit face cleanser is the perfect way to wash away all of that icky feeling you have after a plane ride, so you can start afresh at the end of the journey. The gentle foaming action does this without stripping your skin, leaving it ph balanced and purified.


Another thing you’re after when travelling? Let me guess… rest? For a guaranteed beauty sleep, my tip top tips would be:

– Bring an eye mask to shut away the occasional disruptive passengers.

– A lavender pillow spray is great for getting some shut eye, as the therapeutic benefits lull you into slumber-land (warning- you will never want to sleep without it again).

– Use eye cream to avoid the dreaded dark circles and under-eye bags. Any caffeine based eyecare will do the trick, as it stimulates the area into looking more awake.


To find out more about Malin + Goetz, go to


How to get the glow with Pixi
Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

It’s fair to say the fresh, dewy skin trend isn’t going out of style any time soon, and if there’s one makeup brand that knows a thing or two about creating the perfect glow, it’s Pixi Beauty!

Pixi video 2

Top makeup artist Amanda Bell shows us how to get the glow with a selection of her favourite skincare and makeup must-haves, including the Pixi Glow Tonic, available to try now in our Glamour Summer Edit. Watch the video below for a full step-by-step tutorial, including all of the products used to achieve this stunning, summer look. Pssst…the best bit is it only takes 5 minutes!


Want a chance to win the collection of Pixi products used to create this glowing look? We thought you might! Simply click here to find out more and enter.

Pixi video



Mayah Parmenter

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