Cheap Thrills: Creightons Bronze Ambition Glow ‘n’ Go Instant Tan Matte

My previous experiences with wash-off tans have barely been worth mentioning. Generally, the products tend to be thick, gloopy, far too orangey, and loaded with so much shimmer that I end up looking like a big brown disco ball.

So let’s just say I wasn’t expecting much from a budget instant tanner that costs £1.50. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that Bronze Ambition Glow N Go Instant Tan Matte is actually a real gem and works better than products that cost ten times as much.

Firstly, it’s matte, so there’s none of that naff all-over shimmer. The product itself is is a gel, tinted a deep chocolate brown that spreads to a bronzey mid-brown. It does have a bit of orange in it, but not loads, and it’s quite a light texture to work with, so you can build up the colour. I just used a little over my arms and decollete and the result was a warm glow rather than a deep tan – it took away that ghostly paleness but one thin layer didn’t make me look ridiculous in the middle of Winter.

It also smells lovely. Not too overpowering but just a nice, warm, sunshine smell. I seem to be all about the coconut scents at the moment, so perhaps that’s why I’ve decided I like this so much.

On the negative side, I did find that even though this is wash-off, my hands were brown after I applied, and it took a LOT of washing and scrubbing to get rid of that. That says a lot for the lasting power of the tint – it obviously clings to dry skin – but a good application of hand cream half an hour before applying this would be a good idea.

Transfer-wise, it’s good too. This is one of those products that fades over time rather than staying rich until you rinse, which means by the time you hit the sheets, most of the colour has gone so you don’t wake up in a muddy shroud. I also found there were no real noticeable marks on my clothing, except one slight smudge.

To be honest, for £1.50 this offers the same results as a fake tan without the smell, the developing time or the fear of streaks, so I think it’s a real gem. It’ll be a real lifesaver when bare leg season begins, though I am interested to see how it holds up in the middle of a sweaty Summer day – I fear it might melt quite quickly and stain clothes, but let’s wait and see!

Bronze Ambition Glow ‘n’ Go Instant Tan Matte £1.50 at Creighton’s.

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2 Responses to “Cheap Thrills: Creightons Bronze Ambition Glow ‘n’ Go Instant Tan Matte”

  1. Louise says:

    The instant tan is out of stock here in Ireland. I need it badly!!!!

  2. Jennifer Boden says:

    I too love this product!! and just realised today when i connected with them on facebook they sent me a 30% voucher!! well impressed

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