Full Body Blitz day 6: DuWop Private Red – the perfect red lipstick

When I ordered DuWop’s ‘Private Red’ lipstick, it was an impulse buy that I thought wouldn’t amount to much. It’s a bit of a gimmick – a red lippy that will supposedly change colour when it’s on the lips to become the ‘perfect’ colour.

Sounds too good to be true, perhaps, but these lippies have been around for years (I remember having a green one that went pink on the lips in the 90s) and work by reacting to the natural PH of your lips. Private Red is a lovely wearable deep red in the tube, and I have to confess that’s more or less the colour it stays on me. It goes a little bluer and deeper, which works well on my pink-toned pale skin, but there’s no dramatic colour change.

Consistency-wise, it’s really impressive. It’s a lovely creamy lipcolour without too much shine, shimmer or gloss to it. As you’d expect with a red lippy, it works best over liner and will need topping up at regular intervals, but it’s a lot longer lasting than some other ones I’ve tried.

I use nude liner under it rather than a matching one so when the lipstick begins to rub off I’m not left with red-ringed lips, as it does seem to disappear from the centre outwards. That said, transfer wasn’t bad – the last time I wore this was for a party and I managed not to leave too many kiss marks on wine glasses!

DuWop Private Red is £18 at Beauty Bay. There’s also a plum and nude version, and you can buy all three in a set of mini versions for £14.50.

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