Editor’s Secret: Origins Make A Difference

It’s only fair I follow up a hate with a love, so roll up Origins Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment, which I’ve photographed above so you can see proof that I love it so much I’ve actually used up all but a couple of applications worth. This almost never happens with skincare – I have dozens of half-finished jars, pots, tubes and bottles floating about because I’m incredibly unfaithful (and also eager to try new things for the benefit of this blog).

But this stuff has a special place in my heart. Originally designed as an extra boost to be used underneath moisturiser, it’s a treatment for skin that’s had too much UV or environmental exposure, and works to counteract that leathery texture you often notice in older skins. Despite the fact I’m in my 20s and not too obsessing with ageing just yet, I find this is brilliant for boosting my skin’s radiance and giving it an extra treat after I’ve been out in the sun, wind or cold…

As I’m pale skinned and fair haired, I’m always concerned about what sun damage is going to do to my skin as I get older. I’ve had a skin analysis done in the past and a few bad sunburns as a child / teenager have taken their toll, so along with making sure there’s an SPF in most of my skincare and makeup, I rely on this little pot of wonder to get my skin as close to dewy and radiant as I’m ever going to get.

The texture is similar to something like Estee Lauder Idealist – it’s a semi-transparent, light and silk, not quite a moisturiser, but not quite a serum. It looks quite greasy and almost plasticky in the pot, but once applied, it soaks in instantly and there’s no oily residue. There is an ultra-rich version which is more like a moisturiser, but on my combination skin this is a bit lighter and easier to work with, and allows me to use my normal moisturiser on top if needed. If your skin is particularly oily, this would work well on its own, as it’s light but hydrating.

I tend to use this daily in Summer to combat Sun damage (alongside a sunscreen) and in Winter I reach for it after I’ve been outside for long periods of time. It’s brilliant for slathering over the face after a long walk, when the skin will drink up the moisture instantly without feeling greasy or sticky for long periods of time.

The one thing that may put people off is the scent, which is very strong for a product of this type. Those with sensitive noses will probably find it a bit too much – it’s like fresh oranges with essential oils, very rich and heady at first, but it soon settles. I like the scent and for me it just adds to the whole experience, but I do recommend you give the tester a good sniff to make up your own mind as I’m quite a fan of strong scents and I know many people aren’t, especially on their face.

If your skin ever feels tight, sore or dry after a day battling the elements, this may well be the product for you. It offers a bit of a boost rather than a miracle worker (it won’t turn aged sunbed skin into a young, fresh face overnight) but it’s a lovely, tactile product to use and I love the scent and texture enough to make this top of my repurchase list!

Origins Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment £29.62 at Boots

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