Editor’s Secrets: Darphin Aromatic Purifying Balm

For the first half of my 20s, I suffered from horrible patchy spots around my cheeks and jawline that really knocked my confidence. I tried all kinds of products to sooth them, but though they might have treated the spot itself, all those acidic, peeling, harsh creams also made the surrounding skin super-sensitive. Luckily, I now have the breakouts more or less under control, but occasionally I will get a reminder of those days gone by. And when I do, instead of grabbing the benzoyl peroxide, I reach for this stuff.

Darphin’s Aromatic Purifying Balm is a thick, waxy, almost solid product that melts on the skin to become a purifying overnight treatment. It may sound mad to treat spots with something oily, but it’s a huge misconception that spots (especially the hormonal type I was prone to) will instantly get worse if you put anything oily or greasy on them. The right oils – like the antibacterial tea tree and soothing lavendar in this balm – can do the opposite.

What I like about this as opposed to traditional spot remedies is that it doesn’t leave me with a dry, sore face once the spots are gone. It feels quite luxurious and smells amazing (strong, but amazing). My old cycle of treating a spot and then having to treat the skin underneath was broken the moment I found this stuff. You can even use it on spots elsewhere on the body.

A jar costs £36, which I know is a lot, but you need such a tiny amount for each treatment that it’ll last you ages. Get it at Feel Unique.

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