Mascara Innovations

by Sarah-Jane

Hello ladies,
It’s not often that I get to write exciting things about mascaras. I mean how much can you write, apart from the fact that they come in various colours and the brushes look slightly different even though they pretty much all do the same thing? But that was then, and this is now.

Now, thanks to Lancome and Givenchy I have new and exciting things to say about mascara, so here I go. Givenchy’s new mascara, Phenomen Eyes may resemble a cactus but it does wonderful things to your lashes. Instead of applying it in the conventional way, with the wand coming across your face horizontally, hold the brush towards your eye, as if you’re going to poke your eye. It allows the brush to get to the very root of your lashes and automatically lifts them up. And as for Lancome, they have created the first vibrating mascara, Oscillation. Why does your mascara need to vibrate I hear you ask? Well according to Lancome, Oscillation coats every individual lash 360 degrees round, all I can tell you is that it works and your lashes will look amazing.

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