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Treatment to try: Ayurvedic Body Massage
Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda isn’t just a treatment to relax you; it’s a, holistic way of life. I was invited to experience this for myself at Ayurvedic Pura in London, a relaxing space which includes a spa, cafe and shop. Unlike other massages, the Ayurveda Massage is more focused on stimulating the immune system and strengthening the nervous system than relaxing you in the traditional sense – that’s not to say I wasn’t relaxed, but instead of feeling sleepy and lethargic, I felt balanced and re-energised. I was massaged by ‘long strokes’ rather than pummelling and kneading using warm oil, but it definitely had the same effect on my tension spots which were far less tense afterwards. My skin and body felt great the next day, a sense of being ‘detoxed’ sprang to mind. One of my favourite things about this treatment were the therapists; before the massage even began, I was given a ‘lifestyle consultation’ to help tailor my treatment to my needs and problem areas whilst my massage therapist was knowledgeable and explained the whole ethos of Ayurveda; for me, this is a great alternative to a traditional massage and I’m pretty sure that with regular appointments, you’d see even more results.

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