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Get glossy with Tara Smith Base Coat Serum
Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Most hair serums (and indeed shampoos and conditioners) are loaded with silicone, which gives that mirror-like shine and softer feel. But it does this by coating the hair, rather than treating it, and over time silicone build-up can leave hair flat and dull, which is why many people are on the hunt for products that don’t contain such high levels of the ingredient.

But creating super-shine without silicone can be tricky. Few other ingredients can do as much for frizzy, damaged hair, but celeb stylist Tara Smith has come up with the goods with her Base Coat Serum. Turning to more natural ingredients for it’s shine-giving capabilities (the main one being borage oil) this gives similar results to silicone-rich rivals, but without such a synthetic, greasy feel.

This is a real favourite of mine, and I love how it leaves my hair – in fact this is one of the few products of this type that I’ve ever used a whole bottle of! It’s brilliant for smoothing and detangling without adding too much weight, and as a bonus is smells gorgeous too! If you find some serums too rich and heavy, definitely give this a go. Your hair will thank you!

Buy it from Cult Beauty for £6.50

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