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Fake Tan Tried & Tested: Vita Liberata Warm silken sun gradual self tan
Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Vita Liberata are fast becoming one of the must-have brands for an easy and natural looking tan, and I must say I’ve had great results from both the self tan and the instant wash-off tanner. So I was excited to give their gradual tan a go as well as I was expecting very good things.

And in terms of colour and quick development, I definitely got that. While most gradual tans take a good 3 or 4 days to develop into anything resembling a ‘tan’, it only took two days before my skin had a serious glow. It seems like there’s a lot more actual tanner in this, so if you’re a bit scared by full on self tan but want  quick results, this is definitely worth a shot.

The colour is really lovely – warm and caramely, not at all orange, though I did get a couple of streaks around the ankles on the first day. This was probably down to my application, but the product does promise foolproof, streak-free results and I didn’t quite get that. As with all gradual tanners, you still need to apply with care and let it dry before dressing. Luckily this soaks in quickly and dries after only a few minutes.

The other thing I have to mention is the smell. I put this on in the morning, let it dry and then had tights on for most of the day. I could smell the tan developing the whole time. This, according to the packaging, puts me in with only 1% of people (it says “99% say this tan has no smell”). Perhaps I’m just very sensitive to that fake tan scent…or maybe the ‘independent survey’ shouldn’t be trusted too much?

Overall, I’m going to give this a three.


This may seem a bit mean given that the results were lovely, but I do feel this product promises a lot of things it doesn’t deliver. For the price, I’d expect it to be significantly better than the £5 alternatives, and I don’t really feel it is. Other Vita Liberata products worked better for me so I will stick to them but get my gradual tan elsewhere.

Vita Liberata Warm silken sun gradual self tan £11.95

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