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A Minx manicure for £15? Yes please! (but maybe we’ll skip the Vajazzle)
Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Today’s Wahanda Mobdeal for London is such a steal I couldn’t resist mentioning it. Get a Minx manicure or Pedicure (with your choice of nail wrap – try metallic or go for a crazy print if you prefer) for a ridiculously low price. Or, if you’re feeling for adventurous, you could go for the Hollywood wax followed by a ‘Vajazzle’. If you don’t know what that is, I suggest catching up on a couple of episodes of The Only Way Is Essex, and all will become clear. I’m sure you can guess the basics, though.

The best bit about this deal is that the providers – Funki Boudoir Mobile Spa – will travel to you (within London zones 1 or 2). So you could get them to come to the office and enjoy a quick lunchtime treatment at your desk…unless you’re going for the wax, in which case I suggest finding somewhere a bit more private!

The deal is worth (up to) £58 but is only £15 today. Get your voucher now to avoid disappointment. And buy me one while you’re at it!

ps. If you’re outside of London, you don’t have to miss out. Wahanda have Mobdeals in most UK cities. How about a £35 Rasul Spa Day for 2 in Birmingham (worth £100) or a £20 spa day with a treatment (worth £60) in Leeds?

Full Body Blitz Day 3 – Trim your tummy with 63% off a slimming treatment
Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Fitting in perfectly with today’s Full Body Blitz topic – the tummy – today’s Wahanda London Mobdeal is the perfect way to try a slightly madcap slimming treatment without spending an absolute fortune. The Iyashi Dome Slimming Treatment claims to burn 600 calories and sweat out all the bad stuff, leaving you feeling deeply cleansed and relaxed.

According to the website blurb, “The dome starts with a deep cleansing session in which your body will expel a large volume of perspiration and toxins as it burns energy and starts to break down fats – including cholesterol, fatty acids and subcutaneous fats. This 30 min cleansing session is the equivalent of the effects of running 20km, but without the aggressive effect on the body. You’ll enjoy detoxification, firming, stress-release and purified in-depth cleansing in just one treatment, leaving you refreshed, revived and ready to take on the world.”

Normally £55 a session, the mobdeal (running today only) will allow you to take advantage for only £20. Not bad if you’ve got a big event coming up and could do with all the help you can get to squeeze into your LBD!

If you want to find out more about what the treatment entails, there’s a review on the Wahanda website too.

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