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The ‘do’s & don’ts’ of tanning with XEN-TAN
Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

I don’t think there are many women out there who have never experienced a tanning fail. I will happily hold my hands up and say that I have. A lot!

For those of you who want to know how to get that golden glow, without the panda eyes and those tell-tale dirty hands, I have created a step by step guide for you this party season. The following 7 steps of tanning are fool proof – so you can have tanning confidence this party season.

1. ALWAYS exfoliate – Make sure you shave or wax any areas you need to, and exfoliate using an oil-free product, focusing on drier areas such as elbows, knees and ankles, also moisturise your whole body with an oil-free moisturiser.

2. Choose your tanning product – I have chosen XEN-TAN’s Luminous Gold Gel. This fast drying tan is paraben free (tick) with iridescent gold flecks which sit on the skin so the shimmer doesn’t transfer onto clothes (big tick!) Conveniently there is only one colour, meaning it is suitable for everyone. (The tan contains an ingredient called “Lexorez” which helps the tan so develop over time meaning your tan will last longer).

3. Pre-application prep – Remove any make-up, deodorant, moisturisers or anything that could act as a barrier between your skin and the tanning product, as this can lead to discolouration. Apply a thin layer of oil-free moisturiser to elbows, knees and ankles at this point too, but try and avoid the rest of your body as this could prevent an even finish. Choose the right location at home to apply your tan. Make sure the room is bright and preferably with a large mirror so you can see all angles.

4. Use a mitt – I strongly recommend using a mitt to apply your tan – mitts give a smooth and even application, and help protect your hands from getting stained not to mention I have had some bad experiences using my hands alone! Mitt tip: to keep your mitt in fresh and in premium condition, wash it with soap and warm water immediately after application and leave to air dry.

5. Feet & hands – Use a cotton wool pad or make-up sponge for a smooth finish. To avoid those nasty marks (we’ve all been there) apply lightly between toes and around nails, blending carefully over the heels and towards the bottoms of your feet. Leave your hands until last. Wash them thoroughly with a bar of soap for about a minute (bars work better than liquid soap) and leave them to dry for ten minutes. Like with feet, use a cotton wool pad or make-up sponge to apply a small amount to the backs of the hands and more lightly between the fingers and around the nails and gently work into your skin.

6. The back – If you’ve no one there to help you, which is very often the case, take a piece of cling film approximately 50cm long and fold it in half lengthways, apply three dots of tanner along the strip, and, taking an end in each hand, rub across your back and shoulders. (The same way you’d dry your back with a towel.) Use a mirror to check for any spots you might have missed and reapply if necessary. Genius!

7. Finishing touches & prolonging your tan – Once you have finished applying your tan avoid exercise and swimming, hot baths and don’t exfoliate whilst your tan develops. After showering or bathing pat your skin dry to keep your tan looking flawless. Wear loose, dark clothing after tanning and whilst your tan develops. Exfoliate using an oil-free body scrub a couple of days after tanning, and moisturise with an oil free moisturiser to keep your skin smooth and your tan even.
There you go, 7 steps to the perfect tan. I hope this has helped give you the confidence to give tanning a go – if I can achieve that golden glow you definitely can too! You can check out all of XEN-TAN’s incredible tanning products at

XEN-TAN’s Luminous Gold Gel is in our December ‘Party Prep’ GLAMOUR Beauty Edit.



Fake Tan Tried & Tested: Beautylab Peptide Tanning
Monday, May 9th, 2011

If you’ve been reading my other fake tan reviews you’ll know that I’ve yet to discover the holy grail – a self tan that doesn’t smell. But I never expected to. DHAs cause your skin to go browner, but they also cause that biscuity smell, and there’s not getting around that no matter how many special ingredients you throw in to cover it up.

But what about a product that doesn’t rely on DHA to tan?! BeautyLab’s Peptide Tanning is a completely different approach to bronzing. The product contains a peptide that encourages melanin production in the skin, producing what is essentially a faked natural tan. Think of it as sunshine in a bottle, without the UVA damage.

So why am I cautious? Well, to be honest, it seems to good to be true. How does this £17 bottle of miracles give me this golden glow without any smell or staining? And more importantly if it’s all about stimulating melanin production why does it behave exactly like all fake tans when it comes to streaking and pooling?

Well, at it turns out, as well as the peptide this does contain a little bit of DHA to boost that colour. When I first used it, I applied it just to my legs and there was no smell, and it gave the most beautiful colour. When I tried it again over my whole body, the colour was just as beautiful and streak-free, but there was a bit of that telltale odour.

There’s no denying the results from this are good. I wasn’t sure how careful I needed to be with application because it’s not a traditional tanner, but it turns out I do need to be as careful, if not more so. On the bits where I’d been a bit slapdash (around ankles, knees etc) it was a bit streaky and I had a big white patch on one foot. Elsewhere, it was really smooth and not at all orange. The idea is this takes you the exact colour you’d go in the Sun, so the shade is beautiful, never OTT and very natural-looking.

The beige coloured cream itself has a bit of fragrance (melon) but there was no developing smell when I used it sparingly. With a heavier application it was a bit stinky, but no way near as bad as most. There was also no staining on my PJ bottoms despite the fact I jumped into bed 5 minutes after application. It developed overnight into the kind of tan I never thought I’d get without two days smelling like digestives for days.

Now I know I’ve been hard to impress in these fake tan trial, but what the hell, it gets 5/5! I’ve searched long and hard for a tanner that gives me a natural, golden glow without any developing smell, and I’ve found one that very nearly does that. Though I will be keeping my eye on what’s said about Peptide Tanners in the future, I will be liberally coating myself in this pre-holiday and reaping the glorious results for the timebeing. I might even wear a white dress for the first time in my life!

Beautylab Peptide Tanning Lotion £17

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