Topcoat Tried and Tested: Seche Vite

If you paint your nails frequently and get bored of sitting around waiting for them to dry, no doubt you’ve come across Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. If not, this super glossy, quick-dry topcoat may just be your savior.

A good, thick coat of this over your nail polish will not only make your manicure last longer, but it’ll also make your nails touch dry in seconds.

I’d heard how great this was supposed to be but it wasn’t until I finally got my hands on a bottle that I realised what a lifesaver it can be. I won’t paint my nails without a fast drying topcoat any more! The glossy finish it gives is brilliant, but the way it speeds up drying time is unbelievable. Within a minute, the nails feel dry to the touch so you can move your hands around, and within an hour they’re rock solid (none of that 3-hour ‘dent’ fear).

Of course there’s always a downside, and with Seche Vite that’s clear the moment you open the bottle. It stinks! The chemical smell is really very strong so those girls who insist on painting their nails in public really need to leave this at home! The neck of the bottle also has a tendency to clog, so remember to wipe it each time to prolong the life of the bottle. Still, you’re only using it for a short while and it’s not too expensive, so both those small cons are nothing compared to the time you’ll save.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is £8.99 at Beauty Bay

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