Tried & Tested: L’Oreal Glam Shine 6h lipgloss

I’ll start this review on a pedantic note. The colour of Glam Shine 6h lipgloss I tried was labelled ‘Oriental Fuschia’. It was part of a gift set that came with a £15 spend in on L’Oreal products in Boots just before Christmas, and I assume this particular colour was included because L’Oreal realised they’d spelled ‘Fuchsia’ wrong (ha!) and needed to shift the stock, as it’s not available any more. Always Pink is probably the closest dupe.

But onto the gloss itself. You may recognise the Glam Shine range as it’s currently being hawked by ‘national treasure’ Cheryl Cole in every prime-time ad break. It has a very distinctive applicator – L’Oreal say it’s heart-shaped, but I have taken to thinking of this as the ‘vulva’ lipgloss. Yep, try to get that image out of your head now!

Jokes aside, I actually really rate the applicator. It’s soft and spongy and covers the lips quickly and neatly, and is so well-shaped you can probably touch-up without using a mirror (a la Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes).

The gloss itself claims to stay on the lips for 6 hours. Maybe, if you use a straw to drink from, have hair that never gets in your face and avoid moving your mouth the whole time you might hit that estimate. Otherwise I’d say you can get a good 3 or 4 hours from this before it disappears completely. That’s still good in my book – it is lipgloss and we all know the stuff doesn’t last.

Texture-wise, this has to be one of the best glosses I’ve tried. It’s quite sticky, but not irritatingly so, just enough to keep it on the lips. Because of its long-lasting formula, it doesn’t have the wet-look gloopiness of glosses like Juicy Tubes that disappear in two licks. Instead, it’s shot through with loads of tiny metallic particles for awesome reflective shine without having to sacrifice staying power.

Finally, it’s scented quite strongly. It’s a sort of generic berry / fruity scent. I quite like it (its like blackcurrant fruit pastilles) but if you’re sensitive to strong perfumes, make sure you sniff a tester before you buy!

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