What makeup item would YOU like to create?

Inspired by the US-based MAC Bloggers’ Obsession collection, I had a conversation with some fellow beauty bloggers a week or so ago about what products we would most like to make if we were given the opportunity to make our own products. It may seem like everything you could possibly need already exists…but think hard and I’m sure there’s something you think is missing?

I dream of a super-glossy, highly pigmented nail polish that sits somewhere between blue and purple, a kind of muted cornflower blue. The closest I’ve ever found is my beloved Lapis of Luxury from Essie, but even that is just a tad too blue. Models Own Blue Gem has the mix of purple and blue spot on, but I’d love it to be lighter and creamier. Filthy Gorgeous Minx looks promising, if a bit lilac-esque, as does Deborah Lippmann’s ‘I Know What Boys Like’ and Nails Inc St John’s Wood, but none are the exact colour I have in my head. My polish would be super-rich, but not as dark as most of the shades on the market.

What would your dream product be?

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