100% Certified Organic Cotton Beauty Pads

Organ(y)c Cotton Rounds pads are made from 100% organic cotton and offer a high quality soft touch. Whether you are using them to remove makeup, or for general use, they will feel soothing against your skin. Certified organic by Ecocert and vegan, the packaging is 100% biodegradable too.

1 x pack of 100

40% of 100

Product Details

We know it’s tempting to reach for a face wipe, especially when you cannot be bothered to pander to your skin with a full step-by-step routine, but there are better ways to look after your skin - yes, even when you’re feeling lazy. Here enters the lazy girl’s routine of micellar water and a good stash of organic cotton pads. Sounds basic, but it works. What’s better is that you’re not applying any harsh chemicals to your skin while also doing your bit for the environment.


100% Certified Organic Cotton, Wrapping – Matter Bi, 100% Organic Cotton pull string