Blend & Go Make Up Sponge

Achieve a glowing complexion and a flawless base with Sport FX’s unique 8-sided makeup blending sponge. It applies liquids, creams and powders perfectly and has been crafted for precision application, whatever the product

1 x sponge

89% of 100

Product Details

Whether it's to prep the base with skincare and primers, apply coverage with foundations and concealers or add contoured definition and glowing highlight, Sport FX’s makeup blending sponge works every angle. Simply dampen the sponge with water when applying liquid and cream formulas for a streak-free and dewy finish and use dry with powders. Lightly pat the product on your skin, using the desired angle, for flawless application. Use the pointed tip to contour to perfection as it fits perfectly into those hard to reach places, such as under your eyes and down the sides of your nose.

Top tip: When applying foundation, lightly spritz a priming or fixing mist over the sponge to dampen, for a longer lasting base.