Written by Dean Smith

What makes a brand Haul of Fame worthy? A brand you can truly trust to invest your hard earned cash in, with products you know will work, you will love or will truly enjoy using? I (Dean – our Ecommerce and Marketing Director), sat down with Lauren our Sales Director and Doné, our Marketing Partnerships & Campaign Manager to discuss this and to give you the lowdown on what, for us, makes a brand of note.

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“When a brand produces excellent products that deliver visible results, while also being conscious of their impact and kind to the environment around them, it’s a brand I can get behind; a brand worth celebrating. I believe it’s possible for a brand to deliver on all fronts and BYBI certainly does.” – Doné


“I admire a brand that has a single minded dedication to producing the best of the best. Integrity is something I look for when selecting a brand, especially an indie one. With unique formulations, patented ingredients, and a hardworking range of products, I adore this brand.” – Dean


“Trust is something I look for in a good brand, and for makeup, that’s a winning approach. NARS is trusted by thousands of people worldwide and industry experts come back to them time and time again. They have stood the test of time and become renowned for producing some of the best quality products that you can trust to perform exceptionally”. – Doné

SCIENCE– skinChemists

“I’m a sucker for a brand that puts science first. When a brand really focuses on that, and delivers products that work, I’m in. For me, Skinchecmist does that. I love many of their products but these lip ones are fabulous.” – Dean


“Seeing results is key for me when it comes to haircare, and that’s often hard to find! Philip Kingsley has years of experience delivering some of the most cult products on the market, and for good reason. They take their time to produce clinically proven products that will make a real difference to your hair health. They have genuinely been my go-to for years and that is why they are a Haul of Fame worthy brand.“ – Lauren

CHAMPIONED– Kate Somerville

“Let’s be honest, when a brand gets the backing of people we respect (like Caroline Hirons), you know it’s going to be worth your time and investment. While I don’t take her word for it, the proof is certainly in the pudding with Kate’s ranges. This is a brand that has poured blood, sweat and tears into what they do and the product we have from them is an amazing, newer addition to their range.” – Dean

QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Aromatherapy Associates

“I love a touch of luxury in a bath product. Aromatherapy Associates utilises the very best, well sourced, luxury ingredients whilst also delivering on the overall sensual experience which really stands out to me. This brand is a classic and has always been a leader in this area for me.“ – Lauren


“When a brand or product is used and loved by stars who have their pick of the absolute best products on the market, it is an indication of just how good it really must be. With Color Wow’s products you will truly see a magical hair transformation and if you’re looking for shiny, glass-like hair then this product is for you.” – Doné


“There are many science-led brands in the market today, but what I love about 111SKIN is that they have been used and trusted by some of the very best clinics for years and results are certain. They also always bring a strong element of luxury to every moment in my skincare regime, and who doesn’t want that?“ – Lauren

TRAILBLAZER – Elizabeth Arden

“I sometimes feel that some of the more established, bigger brands get overlooked when it comes to these types of things. Elizabeth Arden as a brand has so many ‘firsts’ it’s pretty incredible. Take the use of ceramides for example, they were the first to discover that ceramides comprise 50% of the skin’s lipid layer and were the first to create skin-identical ceramides which are used in their capsules. Genius.” Dean

With so much beauty on the market, it can be a minefield. But LiB, we pride ourselves on taking the time to research and build relationships with some of the best brands in the world.

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