With a new year comes a drop in temperature, to the point where you may find your skin severely lacking in brightness and moisture. It’s time for us to take a stand against the brunt of the Winter weather, because – quite frankly – watching the moisture and high levels of plumpness deplete from our complexions is no enjoyable task. Since hibernating under the duvet is (regrettably) not an option, you’ll find us tackling the Winter weather with five products that are guaranteed to transform your routine for the better.

Want to know the ins and outs, do’s and don’ts of a beauty expert’s routine? The Beauty Thread is our new monthly feature where we raid the bathrooms of team LiB and we’re kickstarting with our resident product-junkie, Christina.Find out her top five products that she’s added to her skincare shelf this Winter. From an exfoliator with LiB Haul of Fame status, a multi-purpose balm that doubles as a stylish lip stain, to a set of K-Beauty inspired eye patches, Christina’s picks have got you covered.


temple_spaWinter can really take its toll on our skin, that goes without saying, but the vital thing to remember is that the damage caused by the elements can be reversed. Kiss goodbye to dry skin woes with two of our current skincare heroes: Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant, and Temple Spa’s Deep Cleansing Melt. It’s hard to remember at times what our skin was like in its prime, before Winter took its hold, but used together, these two cult classics will revive and brighten to help reacquaint you with your pre-Winter best. Temple Spa’s Deep Cleansing Melt is the perfect first step in your skincare routine, which works to instantly melt away your makeup to reveal a fresh, super clean complexion. This is also a great product for using massaging techniques, giving yourself a mini facial from the comfort of your own bathroom.

dermalogicaThe unique rice powder formula of Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant is both gentle and efficient for optimised exfoliation without the abrasiveness of more traditional scrubs. Upon contact with water and application, the powder releases salicylic acid to tackle impurities, while maximising the absorption of your serums and hydrators by slogging away dead skin cells.




The undereye area is the most delicate part of the face, therefore it needs unique and attention, therefore using your standard face cream should be avoided. If the area is feeling on the drier side and especially flaky, Oh K!’s Gold Dust Under Eye Mask is the skin prescription you need. Made with honey to offer an added boost of moisturisation, each pack includes two gel patches that are perfectly shaped to target under the eyes and rejuvenate both the look and feel of the skin.


base_body_co2Winter is the season where your skin (especially on the arms and legs) can feel more sandpaper than smooth. Relate? We’ve got just the thing for a full body over haul: The Base Body Co.’s Blood Orange Himalayan Salt Body Scrub. This rejuvenating exfoliator packs a punch with a combination of Himalayan rock salt, a natural antiseptic and powerful exfoliant, and vitamin C, which protects the skin from free radical damage. The added benefit of calcium aids the renewal of worn out cells, while potassium maintains the skin’s optimum hydration levels. Seriously, this scrub isn’t messing about.


paw_paw2One other MAJOR trouble spot known for showing signs of weather abuse, is our lips. The Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Red Balm is the perfect handbag staple to pre-empt and repair dry, chapped lips. Offering the same great formula as the Original Balm, you’ll also welcome a hint of colour. Not just made for lips, you can use your balm anywhere you’re feeling dry, including nails, cuticles, hands, heels and elbows.