Written by Annie Whitfield

We all know how skin care ingredients and techniques come in and out of the limelight. Whether it’s CBD extract, double cleansing or patterned sheet masks (what was that all about?!), the world of skincare and beauty is ever-evolving. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to stick with, but we’re here to tell you that AHAs are here for the long haul. What are AHAs we hear you cry? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered from the pros and cons, to what products and brands incorporate this skin saving ingredient and why one mask in particular deserves a permanent place on your bathroom shelf…

First up, what are AHAs and why am I putting them on my skin?

Let’s break it down. AHAs stand for alpha hydroxy acids, these acids can either be naturally derived or synthetically put together. You can find them in a multitude of different ingredients that can be found in over the counter skin care products. Some commonly known examples include glycolic acid and AHAs from fruits like grapefruit, lemon and pineapple. When applied to the skin, these AHAs provide a natural, gentle skin exfoliation. They work by breaking down and gently unbinding the cells in the top layer of the skin, once these are broken down, to put it simply, there’s room for fresh, new ones to grow. Thus, helping to boost your complexion’s natural skin cell renewal. 

Are there pros and cons? 

Like any new skin care ingredient, proceed with a small amount of caution if you’re a newbie. Natural AHAs will work to gently exfoliate the skin so can sometimes cause mild irritation. This means, if you’re prone to sensitivity, try a small amount once a week and build it up from there, PLUS go heavy on your SPF as your skin will be more susceptible to sun-damage. Once you know what amount and how long works best for you (1-3 times a week is recommended), you’ll really start to reap the rewards. The natural exfoliation and renewed skin cell turnover means that your skin will appear brighter, smoother and can also combat dark spots and fine wrinkles. AHAs = healthy, happy skin. 

Great! Where do I put my money?


Here at LiB, we like to put our trust in brands that really care about what’s going into their formulas and have proven results. Enter Oskia. An innovative, science based skincare brand that know how to pack a punch with their products – the natural way. Their trademark nutritional approach is key in their product development, meaning each formula boosts your skin’s health and cellular efficiency by delivering nutrients, vitamins and minerals to your complexion and in turn, leaving your skin better equipped to maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance.

The main event


Amalgamate Oskia’s natural scientific ethos and the skin soothing powers of AHAs and you get our Haul of Fame this month, The Renaissance Mask. Multi-award-winning and best-selling, this renowned maks blends together the perfect balance of fruit derived AHAs for a natural, gentle exfoliation whilst also being enriched with plant sourced lactic acid for smoothing the complexion. This luxurious, glossy mask is pink in colour on first application, but once rubbed into the skin it turns white, indicating that you’ve applied effectively. With a fresh, natural scent of organically certified rose, passion fruit and chamomile, this mask is a true self-care staple that brings you closer to your best skin yet. 

Extra enzyme benefits


Not only is this mask packed full of wonders you gain from AHAs, but it also contains other benefitting qualities too, like papaya enzymes. Enzymes are important for the skin because they break down the keratin that holds dead skin cells together, meaning that once applied, dead skin cells will be gently buffed away leaving a smooth canvas beneath. A gentle way to brighten and exfoliate, this is just another natural ingredient housed by The Renaissance Mask that makes it one of a kind. A true rejuvenating skin care superhero that deserves a permanent spot in your weekly routine.