When you awake to darkness and heavy rain pelting against the windowpane and return from work to pretty much the same conditions, you know autumn is in full swing. After a long-drawn-out day at the office, I enjoy nothing more than a refreshing pamper. Our Autumn ’19 The Beauty Heroes edit delivers some of the best skin saviours, hair revivers and new season essentials needed to reset and refresh your routine. So, what products have acquired a permanent place in my current post-work ritual?

beauty-kitchenFirst and foremost: makeup removal. Taking off your makeup as soon as you get through the door is the beauty equivalent of removing your bra. Beauty Kitchen’s Handbag Beauty Balm can be used as a rich cleanser to melt away the day while quenching dry or dehydrated skin – it’s a dream to use! No pamper is complete without a face mask. A blanket statement, but one which is true. This is where Image Skincare’s I Mask Sheet Mask brings its a-game. The secret to smooth, luminous and youthful skin (which I crave on a daily basis), this potent botanical-infused hydrogel sheet mask injects hydration in one hit, resetting my skin to its optimal prime.

miss-patAlongside pumpkin spiced lattes, baths are the epitome of the autumn season. In fact, it’s probably the only time I opt for a bath over a shower. Is there any better way to reset both body and mind? I think not. Miss Patisserie’s Lavender Bath Melt instils a sense of calm and relaxation that I’m totally on board with. I for one cannot take a bath without some kind of magical concoction transforming my bath water. I pop this rich bath melt into the tub and let the nourishing butters envelope my skin so that when I step out, I feel like a new woman – hello silky soft limbs, where have you been all my life?

I tend to commit a big sin when bathing: I wash my hair. I know that I’m probably setting myself up for a big fail with how long my hair will remain fresh, but I’m too lazy to hop from the bath to the shower to rid my locks of the remanence of lavender bath powder (oh the shame). Thankfully, the Tangle Teezer is here to salvage the state of my knots. It’s renowned for a reason: it does a bloody good job. Also, can we take note of this stylish design?

time-bombOne product that has made its way into my (rather extensive) skincare routine is Time Bomb. The brand’s Over Exposed Sun Damage Rescue visibly addresses the impact of UV exposure with heavy-duty antioxidants and deep emollients – it’s a skin hero that I’ve welcomed with open arms. The clock stops here when it comes to sun damage because I’m creeping closer to 30 and I need to protect the youthful cells I have left…

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