For every beauty fanatic, there can never be enough items in your beauty bag. Whether you prefer to stock up on skincare, are a makeup maven or a haircare hoarder, there’s always a new formulation that MUST be tried (even if you have three similar variations sitting unopened in your vanity). So, what would you say if the beauty experts here at LiB have created a collection of products with formulations so innovative and unique, they may be missing from your stash? Need to try? We thought so…

Introducing our Stella Smart Beauty Awards Edit – The Brand Spotlight. An edit that contains an amalgamation of award-nominated brands that have produced some of the most hard-working and results driven formulations the industry has to offer. Read on to find out more about the magic behind these products and why they might just be the beauty resolution you’ve been craving…

Color Wow – Get in Shape 2-in-1 Hairspray


A flexible and versatile hairspray formula that is free from harmful chemicals and sulphates to make for an easy-to-use formula.

Why is it different?

Unlike a lot of other hairsprays on the market, this ultra flexible formula moves with your hair to retain your desired style without causing dryness or leaving a sticky residue. The formula also nourishes your hair with vitamins that seal split ends and enhance your hair’s natural shine too.

Bloom & Blossom – Pyjamarama Dry Body Oil


A deeply moisturising and easy to use dry body oil that will enrich the skin and leave your body feeling nourished, soft and healthy. 

Why is it different? 

With time-saving and catching some extra beauty sleep at the forefront of this product’s creation, this nourishing and delightfully scented oil dries in mere seconds; meaning zero sticky residue and instantly soft and subtle and good-to-go skin.

Laura Mercier – Pure Canvas Hydrating Primer


A pre makeup product designed to extend the longevity of your look, this primer blurs pores and is an essential beauty regime step.

Why is it different?

Hydration is at the heart of this formulation. Unlike a lot of blurring and mattifying primers, this product will not only extend the longwear of your makeup but it will also hydrate your complexion too, meaning zero dryness or unhealthy looking skin.

Boucléme – Curl Cleanser 


A cream based co-wash will envelop the hair and cleanse without stripping that is also gentle and kind to your tresses.

Why is it different?

Made by curly-hair experts, the ingredients in this co-wash are so kind to your hair that this formula is suitable for daily usage. This formula will not only just work on medium to thick curls but it is also the perfect moisturising solution for dry or dehydrated hair too.

Charlotte Tilbury – Hyaluronic Happikiss in Happipetal 


Hyaluronic Happikiss is the perfect balm-gloss-lipstick hybrid that covers the lips in an irresistible viel of colour.

Why is it different? 

This unique award-nominated formula kisses the lips with hyaluronic acid for an instant hit of hydration. Not only will your lips feel moisturised but this unique hybrid can be used as a light balm, layering gloss or simply and pigment rich lipstick.

Elizabeth Arden – Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsule Hydra Plumping Serum Capsules


These potent, biodegradable, ceramide capsules offer rich hydration and plump and youthful looking results.

Why is it different? 

Crafted by the ultimate experts in Ceramides, these little wonders offer INSTANT hydration. With results at the forefront of this product’s creation, you can expect to notice the difference in your skin almost instantly after using. Small but mighty.

Redken – Extreme Play Safe Heat Protection and Damage Repair Treatment


Protect your hair with this nourishing cream heat protectant that will dramatically reduce the appearance of dry, damaged or dehydrated locks.

Why is it different? 

Not only is this cream protectant extremely nourishing for the locks due to its texture, but the formula also offers plant proteins and tourmaline that tackle split ends too! Expect silky, smooth and structured tresses after usage.

PRAI Beauty X M&S – MenoGlow Hot Flush Cool Fix Serum


A cool fix serum will help to de-puff and energise your complexion whilst also dramatically reducing the signs of ageing too.

Why is it different?

In the trending world of de-puffing and cooling your complexion, this innovative design has a right to be award-nominated. Suitable for ALL skin types, this serum comes with a unique roller ball design that instantly cools and calms the skin and is our new favourite skincare step. 

Aromatherapy Associates – Deep Relax Sleep Mist


Immerse yourself in the deeply tranquilizing scent of vetivert, chamomile and sandalwood that will relax your body and mind before sleep.

Why is it different?

This sleep mist has been specifically formulated and blended with essential oils that only Aromatherapy Associates can master. With comfort in mind, this unique blend will allow you to rest easy and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. A must-do step in any nighttime routine.

L’Occitane – Happy Cherry Hand Cream 


This perfectly balanced formula will leave you feeling hydrated, protected and free-from any unwanted dry skin.

Why is it different?

Unique, luxurious and a pamper-inspired handbag essential, this hand cream has a scent so enticing it embodies the allure of a perfume. Blended with lucious cherry, this is a cream that you will want to apply at every given opportunity.

Indeed Labs – Me-NO-Pause Cooling Mist


Containing cooling cucumber extract, this perfectly balanced formula will instantly soothe, calm and hydrate your complexion. 

Why is it different? 

Although designed for a mature complexion in mind and nominated for the ‘Spotlight – Menopause’ award, this cooling mist is suitable for ALL skin types and has such a skin-soothing effect to your complexion that it will become one of your most sought after skincare steps.