Getting a solid, restful sleep can sometimes be easier said than done. What with all the stresses of modern life, more and more people are finding it harder to drop off to sleep at night – or stay asleep until morning. However, there are some easy tricks you can try to help yourself get a good night’s kip, so why not make it your beauty resolution this year? Here’s how…

Give yourself a sleep schedule

Try to go to bed and get up in the morning at the same time every day. Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule will help your body get into a rhythm, and you’ll naturally start to get sleepy around your assigned bed time. Try to be strict with yourself to get the best results from this technique.


Create a bedtime routine

As well as sticking to the same time, doing the same things before you go to sleep every night can really help compound the routine, as it will signal to your body that it’s time to switch off. You could do some light yoga stretches, read a book or decide on and lay out your outfit for the next day. Applying something lightly scented like This Works Sleep Balm at night can also create a ‘sleep trigger’.

Switch off the screens

Experts are all in agreement that technology interferes with our sleep. Not only can late-night TV stimulate our brain rather than relax it, but the blue light emitted by devices like your phone, laptop and television tricks your body into staying awake. Turn the brightness down on your phone at night, or better yet, avoid screens altogether two hours before bed.


Take a bath

It sounds cliche, but taking a warm bath before bedtime¬†can work wonders for your sleep. Keep the water warm, rather than hot, to get your body to the ideal temperature for rest. For added relaxation, listen to soothing music, or add a lavender-scented bath milk or oil. We recommend Weleda’s Relaxing Bath Milk.

Write a list

If you find that your mind races and stops you from dropping off, or you wake up in the middle of the night worrying about work the next day, then writing a to-do list before you sleep may help. Listing everything you have to do the next day, or even the things that are worrying you at that point, can help you to manage your thoughts and calm your nerves. If this doesn’t help, you may need to speak to a GP about anxiety-induced insomnia.


Make your bed a relaxing space

If you lie in bed answering emails, or there’s a pile of dirty laundry at the foot of the duvet, then no wonder your sleep isn’t restful! Make your bed a sacred space that’s only for sleep (and getting romantic with your partner!). Choose the very best mattress you can afford, and keep bedding clean, comfortable and high quality. Gingerlily silk bedding is hypoallergenic and helps regulate body temperature – plus, their silk beauty pillows keep hair smooth and can help prevent wrinkles. Now that’s what we call beauty sleep!

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