Summer is here, and it’s time to revamp your beauty routine. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or exploring new in your city under the sun, these must-have products will keep you looking fresh, radiant, and effortlessly stylish. From luxurious fragrances to skincare superheroes, let’s dive into the tips and tricks on how to incorporate the items featured in Stylist’s What’s Hot Summer Edition into your summer beauty arsenal.

Billie Eilish – Eilish No. 2 Deluxe Mini:

Indulge your senses with the sensual and alluring aroma of Billie Eilish’s Eilish No. 2 Deluxe Mini. This Woody Floral fragrance features notes of apple blossom, wild wet poppy flowers, and Palo Santo, capturing the essence of summer romance. Spritz it on pulse points for a captivating scent that will linger all day long.

VIEVE – Modern Lip Definer in Peach’d:

Define and enhance your lips with VIEVE’s Modern Lip Definer in Peach’d. This creamy, richly pigmented lip liner glides on smoothly, delivering a peachy-pink hue that complements any summer look. Wear it alone or pair it with your favourite lip colour for a flawless finish.

Tropic Skincare – MORNING MIST Soothing Toning Essence:

Refresh and tone your skin with Tropic Skincare’s MORNING MIST Soothing Toning Essence. Formulated with gentle ingredients, this vegan toner balances your skin’s pH level and maintains healthy barrier function, giving you a fresh, dewy complexion. Use it as part of your morning and evening skincare routine or spritz it over makeup for an instant pick-me-up.

Kate Somerville – Eradikate Blemish Treatment:

Don’t let unexpected breakouts ruin your summer fun. Kate Somerville’s Eradikate Blemish Treatment is your go-to solution for clear, blemish-free skin. With the highest level of sulfur for clinical blemish control, this spot treatment works quickly to reduce redness, clear existing blemishes, and prevent future breakouts, ensuring you stay confident and camera-ready.

Kjaer Weis – Im-Possible Mascara:

Elevate your lash game with Kjaer Weis’ Im-Possible Mascara. This certified-organic, refillable mascara lengthens, thickens, and defines your lashes for a dramatic transformation. Say goodbye to clumps and hello to fluttery lashes that last all day and night.

Maria Nila – Cream Heat Spray:

Protect your locks from heat damage while adding shine with Maria Nila’s Cream Heat Spray. This nourishing spray moisturises, repairs damaged hair, and prevents split ends, thanks to its Colour Guard Complex. Whether you’re lounging in the sun or styling your hair for a night out, this heat protectant is a summer essential.

Skin Cycles – Hydrating Cleanser:

Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with Skin Cycles’ Hydrating Cleanser. Enriched with Buddleja Davidii extract, Vitamin C, and Macadamia nut oil, this lightweight cleanser strengthens the skin’s barrier, promotes anti-aging benefits, and evens out skin tone, leaving you with a radiant complexion. Start and end your day with this hydrating essential for healthy summer skin.

Manifesto Beauty – Manifesto Beauty Supplement for Hair Skin & Nails:

Combat the effects of stress and hormonal changes on your hair, skin, and nails with Manifesto Beauty’s supplement gummies. Formulated with a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, and superfood extracts like Astaxanthin and Açaí Berry, these cherry-flavoured gummies will support your natural beauty from within, keeping you glowing throughout the summer months.

Me+ – Vit C Extra Strength Booster:

Achieve a radiant complexion with Me+’s Vit C Extra Strength Booster. Infused with 10% Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid, this powerhouse formula minimises pigmentation, firms the skin, and improves texture, giving you a youthful glow. Incorporate it into your daily skincare routine for luminous skin all summer long.

Clinisoothe+ – Skin Purifier:

Combat acne, rosacea, and redness with Clinisoothe+’s Skin Purifier. Formulated with high-purity hypochlorous, this skin purifier soothes and calms irritated skin, promoting rapid recovery and visible results. Keep it handy for instant relief from summer skin woes.

Luna – The Mini Everything Oil:

Give your skin some extra love with Luna’s Mini Everything Oil. This multi-purpose body oil, infused with organic Tamanu Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Vitamins C & E, targets ingrown hairs, scars, blemishes, and stretch marks, leaving your skin soft, nourished, and glowing. Perfect for all-over hydration, including intimate areas, this lightweight oil is a summer must-have.

e.l.f. Cosmetics – Squeeze Me Lip Balm – Strawberry:

Keep your lips hydrated and kissable with e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Squeeze Me Lip Balm in Strawberry. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and goji berry, this sheer lip balm delivers a boost of moisture and a sheer hint of colour, perfect for on-the-go hydration all summer long.

Dr Sebagh – Self Tanning Drops:

Achieve a sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects of UV rays with Dr Sebagh’s Self-Tanning Drops. Formulated to deliver a radiant, sun-free tan while shielding skin against the aging effects of High Energy Visible (HEV) light, these drops are your ticket to a luminous summer complexion.

Emolyne – Gloss Lip in Lira OR Eritrea:

Add a touch of glamour to your summer makeup routine with Emolyne’s Gloss Lip. Available in rich, highly-pigmented shades, this nourishing gloss provides full coverage and high shine with just one swipe. Infused with Vitamin E, it keeps your lips hydrated and protected, making it a staple for sunny days and sultry nights.

HASK – Argan Oil 5-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner Spray:

Revitalise dry, damaged hair with HASK’s Argan Oil 5-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner Spray. Packed with moisturising and conditioning agents, this miracle product restores hydration, smoothness, and shine to your strands, leaving them soft, manageable, and ready for summer adventures.

Shiseido – Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate:

Experience youthful, resilient skin with Shiseido’s Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate. This hero anti-aging serum strengthens your skin’s barrier, revealing a visible radiance in just three days. Incorporate it into your skincare regimen to combat the signs of ageing and unleash your skin’s full potential.

Summer Beauty, elevated. From luxurious fragrances to powerhouse skincare essentials, each product offers a unique way to enhance your natural beauty and embrace the spirit of the season. So, go ahead, explore, and indulge in these must-have summer beauty staples for a radiant and confident you. Shop the edit now HERE