For this month’s The Beauty Thread, we’re talking all things evening skincare with our Logistics Manager, Anna. After mastering what’s good for her skin, she will be talking you through her beauty cabinet staples…

The most important factor in my evening skincare routine is time, or rather a constant lack of it. By the time I get to the moment where I can start preparing for bed, I am already so exhausted, therefore I need products that will help me spend as little time as possible to achieve satisfying results. Having said that, sometimes I want to indulge and this is when I follow the whole routine.


As my skin is quite dry and sensitive, I start removing my makeup using the Garnier Milky Micellar Water, which is a gentle, but efficient way to get rid of even the most stubborn makeup products while leaving my skin soft and hydrated. The next step is to apply my favourite Lancome Lait Galateis Doucer, a super soft cleanser that further soothes and softens my skin.


When you want to go all the way with your skincare, you must treat your eyes to something special and unique. Patchology’s Down Time Eye Gels are the perfect way to do so. With minimal effort you can achieve maximum results. This incredible product helps to detox the sensitive area under your eyes with evening primrose, while soothing and calming with healing calendula. The lavender relaxes tired skin and reminds me of the purple fields of Provence.

The eyes taken care of, now you must show your skin all the care and attention it deserves. The It’s Skin Olive Sheet Mask has been created to do just that. Perfectly suited for my dry complexion, it hydrates the skin hungry for something so deliciously nutritious and fresh. This is extremely beneficial for the skin as it contains only natural ingredients. It also strengthens and firms every pore on your face, leaving you feeling 10 years younger.


Now it’s time to boost skin with an injection of confidence and the knowledge that you can actually stop the clock. Massage just a little drop of Sheiseido’s Ultimune Concentrate onto your face and feel the results! It effortlessly sinks into your skin without leaving any traces of dirt, strengthens skin and makes the wrinkles less visible. (In case you change your mind and decide to go out, it is worth emphasising that it will make your skin look radiant and beaming all night long!)


We are almost there and it’s time for the moisturiser! Monuskin’s Revitalising Moisturiser is the perfect response to your skin asking for something really special to finish off your evening routine. Formulated with natural ingredients while being fragrant and delicate, it’s easily absorbed and leaves your face feeling relaxed and soft.

Last but not least: applying the final touch: my usual night cream that I have been using for years: Lirene Dermoprogram – C+D Vitamin Energy. It covers your face with – what can only be described as – a layer of velvet. It’s the perfect way to finish off your special evening routine and make you sleep like a baby dreaming of those lavender fields…..somewhere… south of France….

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Garnier Milky Micellar Water
Patchology Down Time Eye Gels
Sheiseido Ultimune Concentrate
It’s Skin Olive Sheet Mask