You know what they say, a gift really is as good as the paper it’s wrapped in. When it comes to Christmas, we spend almost as much time deciding the presentation style as the gifts themselves – what’s on the outside really does count! If you’re anything like us, you’ll switch your Christmas wrapping theme up each year, but this time around we’ve decided to do things differently.

It’s fairly easy to drop an eye-watering £40 of your hard-earned cash in the likes of Paperchase in pursuit of #giftgoals, but this year why not join us in stepping up the Christmas gift-wrapping game with something a little more personal and creative? Luckily for you (and us) there are many inexpensive DIY gift wrap options that look just as amazing – if not more so – than the shop-bought alternative. It took us a while to choose, but we finally settled on this chic, festive snowflake design. Will you be giving Christmas DIY wrapping a go this season? Trust us, your presents will look so good you won’t want to give them away…


What you’ll need

Brown craft paper
Rubber stamps of your chosen design
Ink pad (we obviously had to opt for the glitter version)
Brown tags


Wrapping presents is thirsty hungry work; we all deserve a treat while wrapping our Christmas pressies and belting out the festive classics, right? It wouldn’t be Christmas without Lindt Lindor Truffles either, and we’ve eaten many (more than we’d care to admit, actually…) ‘Tis the season of goodwill and sharing is of course caring, therefore we’ve decided to include a mini box of Lindor in all build-your-own beauty box orders until stocks last, because, well, we love you a choco-lot!



    1. To begin, roll out your paper and cut to your desired length.
    2. Use your tape to secure it to your floor or table.
    3. Stamp your design evenly over your paper
    4. After the stamp pattern has fully dried, cut the paper and wrap your gift normally.
    5. Create a bow around the paper with some twine and finish off your gift by stamping your gift tag with Merry Christmas and attaching to your present.


And voila! Go on, give it a go yourself and don’t forget to share your creations on Twitter with the hashtag #LiBChristmas – we’d love to check them out.

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