We love a tradition here at LiB, and Christmas crackers are a much-loved one across the board. Without them, Christmas dinner would be ruined. Ok, slight exaggeration but we just can’t not have crackers. From bad jokes to questionable paper hats, the joy of pulling apart a Christmas cracker in the hope you’ll get the bigger half never quite goes away, however old we may get. Despite our love for the tradition, in true LiB style, we like to do things a little differently, because let’s face it, however much money you spend, the contents of crackers can be a disappointment. Today, we’re showing you how to utilise your build your own box goodies by turning them into a yearly tradition that will truly bring the gift of beauty to the dining table. In this post, you’ll learn how to create your own beauty Christmas crackers, and it’s simpler than you may think. The best bit? You can personalise them for every member of the family.


Fillable crackers (we used these from Hobbycraft, but a simple google will bring up a plethora of options)
Beauty products – we recommended the Beauty Guru package, but make sure you select products small enough to fit inside
A sprinkling of imagination

With our Christmas theme this year homing in on the magic of silver, we decided to take our crackers and got to work with the spray paint. This is a simple and effective way to bring your crackers to life but the design is very much in your hands. You could also use patterned paper or fabric to coat the crackers; or if you’re a dab hand at calligraphy, you could add everybody’s name, tied up with some fancy ribbon that compliments your colour scheme!

For the filling, all cracker sets come with a selection of jokes, trivia and hats, but of course you could make your own. We decided to fill ours with interesting beauty facts, just for those family members still not familiar with our line of work… there’s always one!


Stuck for inspo? Here are a few of our favourite products that fit nicely inside.



If you do decide to get creative and make your own beauty crackers this year, please do tag us in your creations using the hashtag #LiBXmas – we’d love to see what you come up with.