I’m (Jem, Editor) terrible with my hair; incredibly lazy, in fact. Thankfully, our resident hair guru, Harri, is on hand to pass on her secrets. This month’s member reward partner is none other than Dock & Bay, the experts in quick dry, fast absorbing towels – and we’ve put them to the test! Blow drying hair can be tedious and lengthy, especially if you struggle to tame your tresses. Finally. A super absorbent hair wrap that’s both light and compact has graced our routines, meaning we can get ready while wearing it. Other hair wraps, although often fulfilling their purpose, can look dull and boring. Dock & Bay have set out to make an eye-catching and stylish hair wrap that you could wear anywhere you like; the perfect accessory for travel, home, at the beach, on holiday – just about anywhere. What’s better is the fact that, with this month’s £5 off Dock & Bay member reward, you can get your hands on the Dock & Bay Hair Wrap for only £9. This super chic offering is our latest secret to enhancing your blow dry, drying your hair at super-fast speeds and leaving you with more time for styling. Want the low down? Harri is sharing her enhanced blow-dry routine…


Step 1 – Wash your hair with colour protecting shampoo and conditioner, followed with a deep conditioning mask to help tame frizz and make sure hair is super soft.

Step 2 – Brush through wet hair with a trusty detangling brush like the Tangle Teezer before applying your go-to styling product on your ends. I love the System Professional Reconstructive Elixir for this – super nourishing!

Step 3 – Twist hair into Dock & Bay hair wrap – I always do my makeup next, this gives my hair about 15-20 mins to dry off. The wrap is super easy to use. After showering, flip your hair forward, slip the wrap over your head and twist hair into a wrap as you would a normal towel. Hook the loop over the button to lock into position. Less blow dry time = winning at life. The hair wrap is also great for keeping hair out of the way of your face when applying your makeup – double win!

Step 4 – Take hair out of wrap and let loose! I can definitely feel the difference between the Dock & Bay wrap and a normal towel; about 80% of the moisture has gone and my hair doesn’t feel sopping wet or tangled (I would always recommend brushing before you wrap anyway).

Step 5 – Using my trusty BaByliss Big Hair (quite literally the best hair tool EVER), I make my way through my hair rolling it around the heated brush. My hair is definitely drying quicker and appears less frizzy, all down to the Dock & Bay Hair Wrap.

Step 6 – Finally, I run my fingers through my hair to make it look less ‘done’. Sometimes I’ll add in extra oil or texture spray if it’s looking particularly flat. Today, my hair was doing well on its own, so I was good to go!

Overall, the Dock & Bay Hair Wrap definitely helped lower my blow dry time (by a good 10 minutes). It absorbed most of the excess moisture, which allowed my hair to dry quicker – it looked less frizzy too! I also really like the look of the hair wrap, you can get them in a variety of colours – from bright yellow and pink to muted hues. I went for grey to match my bathroom. As you can see, it doesn’t look out of place when left on the radiator ready for the next wash!

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