Written By Annie Whitfield

The Fabulous Beauty Awards are back! This year, we’ve been graced with the presence of one of our most essential collections to date. This edit is packed full of award-nominated beauty and the best part? We know you’re going to use every single product until it’s gone. There’s a reason these products have been chosen and that’s simply because they’re the best of everyday beauty. They’re must-have products. 

Taking a look inside the box, expect to find a variety of legendary brands, tried and true beauty, trending products plus new releases too. Still on the fence? Read on to find out why we love these products and how we know you’re going to use every last drop… 



There’s a reason this product stands alone in our legendary category… Introducing the one and only Benefit Gimme Brow + Volumising Brow Gel. Earning a true legendary status, it’s no wonder that this fibre-infused gel is created by the brow experts at Benefit that have been serving us power brows since 1976. Why do we love it? Not only does the small precise spoolie grab on to every single hair on your brows, but the formula is infused with tiny microfibres that boost the volume and thickness of your natural eyebrow by clinging to your hairs. It also tints your brows too – we know the feeling of looking like a boiled egg before brow makeup in the morning… and this is our saviour. You can also choose one of three shades for your box. Brows on fleek after just a couple of strokes? We think so.



Award winning beauty can sometimes be tricky, how do we REALLY know it’s worthy of the status? The answer is simple, if it’s been avidly tried and tested and delivers on results every single time. Now, we believe there’s never been a product that fits this description more than your trusty Batiste Dry Shampoo.  How quickly do you go through a bottle? How often are you running around the house before a Zoom call with last-nights greasy hair rummaging for your one haircare hero? If you’re anything like us then it’s a lot. The same applies to a hair conditioner you know and trust, this DOVE 1 Minute Intensive Treatment packs all of the power of a hair mask in a fraction of the time and genuinely WORKS. Fuss free, no waiting around, just powerful tried and true beauty. 

FAB-FEAT-PRODUCTS-LIPS 2Judging by the Oscars this year, the power of the lipstick is back, no more avoiding your favourite gloss with fear of it transferring onto the inside of your mask, it’s time to be bold. Even though we’re a fan of lip drama, there’s something to be said about a trustworthy nude. The one you go back to every single time and repurchase without hesitation. Well, look no further than our new staple combo, in the form of a buttery oh-so-comfortable MATTEiculous Lipstick in the shade The CB from Avon x Lisa Armstrong, topped with the non-sticky, crystal clear Revlon Super Lustrous gloss. Pop them in your handbag, never take them out and thank us later. A match made in heaven that we promise you will be clinging on to until the very end. 


When it comes to nail polish, we’re looking for quick application, high pigment and a sturdy formula – OPI never fails. Not only are they a brand that are world leaders in the professional nail care industry, but they never let up when it comes to creating the most desirable shades. Expect to find one of three perfect everyday shades from the brands Neo Pearl limited edition. 



Having the option to try out award-nominated new beauty inside a LiB collection is exciting; an opportunity to expand our horizons and delve deep into new formulas and textures we may never have tried otherwise. Flying the flag for innovative new beauty comes from Max Factor in this Fabulous Beauty Awards Edit, in the form of an electric blue eyelash primer. Yes we were skeptical at first too. No, we haven’t looked back since. Adding another step to your eye makeup routine might sound slightly unnecessary, but trust us when we say that the intensifying blue micro pigments in this primer make your lashes appear darker and your eyes appear brighter, whilst increasing lash volume, length and definition. Apply your mascara while the primer is still slightly tacky for the ultimate dramatic effect.  FAB-FEAT-PRODUCTS-HT 2

Whilst continuing along our journey of discovery of new beauty, we come to the new SPF that’s breaking down barriers of the stigma sometimes associated with mineral formulations. The new Hawaiian Tropic Skin Milk SPF 30 is a mineral SPF, meaning the product sits on top of your skin’s barrier and works to reflect UVB and UVA rays rather than being absorbed and fighting off rays from underneath the skin before they cause damage. In the past, mineral SPFs were renowned for having a slightly thicker, sticky texture and often left an unwanted white/grey cast. Not with this Skin Milk – it’s lightweight and quick to absorb, vegan, cruelty free and an absolute must-try.


If you haven’t heard of the haircare legend that is Michelle Sultan, then trust us when we say if she launches a curly-hair range, it’s worth trying. Imbue is a newly launched haircare brand that specifically targets a wide range of different curls, kinks and coils. Whether you’re a 3A or 4C, there’s something in this range for every twist going. The Curl Empowering Creme Gel specifically featured in this box combines the softening benefits of a cream with the definition of a gel and can be used to nourish and enrich your hair but will also fight flyaways and leaves your hair feeling lightweight and bouncy. Talk about waves for days.




If anything in the beauty industry has changed in the past year, it’s the knowing that if it’s trending on TikTok then it’s time to try it. The new skincare brand we’ve been waiting for? Dots for Spots. This innovative acne care solution has been trending on social media for months now, having over 2.5 million views on #dotsforspots. How to use? It’s a simple spot sticker that you apply over blemishes before they come to head, the sticker absorbs impurities and puts your pimple problems at ease. They’re also suitable for all skin types, vegan and cruelty three. 



Reusable and sustainable beauty is more important than ever and is a brand quality a lot of beauty-lovers seek out when purchasing a new product. A standout brand that’s making a real change is Garnier, their sustainability movement has been trending across all social media, earning thousands of views surrounding their Green Steps campaign. Our favourite product to come out of their eco-friendly journey is the Micellar Reusable Make-up Remover Eco Pads that gently remove makeup and impurities, and leave your skin feeling healthy and glowing. No more single-use guilt for us.