January. The month – every single year without fail – I endeavour to make an appearance at the gym I so reluctantly pay for. If you’re a seasoned gym goer (what’s that?) you’ll know the struggle of creating a day look that factors in a trip to the gym. I’ve always tried to go barefaced when exercising, simply because it’s generally better for your skin. However, on many occasions, wearing makeup has been unavoidable, especially if you’re balancing the gym with work and meetings. This week’s Star Product line-up puts the spotlight on SportFX and its high performance, dual purpose makeup, said to sustain your look throughout any level of endurance-based workout and beyond. SportFX products have been formulated with a vitamin complex in addition to skin protecting SPFs and nourishing oils. Although sweat proof, products will not clog pores and will instead allow the skin to breathe.

With my skin in its worst state, I couldn’t have been happier to put to test SportFX’s products for my first workout of 2020. Granted, it’s taken me a while but at least attention would be on my abnormally put together face as opposed to the multiple pounds I’ve piled on since before Christmas. Thankfully, SportFX products have been designed to fuel confidence, which in my case they very much succeeded. In regard to the battle of price vs quality, I’m pleased to report that these sweat proof products delivered on a number of levels.

As you can see from my before and after shot, it looks as though I’ve done absolutely zero exercise and instead hid out at the pub. I wish this were true, however I actually spent 30 minutes crying through cardio before enduring a short stint of weights. Despite the pain, the makeup received top marks and stayed put. Gosh, these products really are sweat proof!

My full face consisted of a mix of this week’s Star Products and a couple of products from a bundle you’ll be able to get your hands on real soon (keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram page on Friday). I cannot get over the sheer determination of the SportFX Balance Boosting BB Cream – it doesn’t slip, slide or transfer. A product I initially thought would be too dark for my pallor blended effortlessly, leaving behind a subtle dewiness. Thanks to this wonder product, there wasn’t a single trace of my usual post-exercise tomato face. No one wants to see that so let’s all rejoice! Another star of the show was the SportFX Mist and Fix Recovery Face Spray, which cooled and rehydrated my skin pre and post workout. I guess the secret behind this was that it had already done a pretty good job at setting my makeup before the sweat even had a chance. To get my hair back to an acceptable state, the Dry Shampoo came to the rescue. This formula is hardy and, after it had been brushed through, you’d never know my hair had been slightly dampened from exercise. I also suffered zero kinks thanks to the Sport FX Hair Bands – fabulous and ready to re-join non-gym society at the office!

Overall, for the price of these products, the quality is unbeaten. So, the next time you’re worried about having to brave the gym barefaced, SportFX has got you covered. Stay tuned for more launches coming throughout the week and get ready to create your Beauty SOS Edit.