Written by Annie Whitfield

We all know that the haircare market is somewhat of a minefield, it’s not one size fits all and it’s certainly not an easy decision to make whilst sifting through endless rows of bottles and pots, microscope in hand ready to check the ingredient list (seriously, why are sulphates still used?!). However, there are some hair care brands that are making life a little easier and that’s not just with the ingredients they’re using and their proven results, it’s with the environmental impact they’re making too. Fancy de-stressing your hair routine, yeah, us too…


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Introducing Maria Nila which has taken the hair market by storm. Originating in Sweden, this vegan brand has a friendly approach at heart, all of their products are vegan and cruelty free in climate compensated packaging. Developed and managed in their own factory in Sweden, right from concept all the way through to packaging and shipping the final result. Their philosophy is simple: “Provide the world with professional beauty in a friendly, curious and honest way”. Sign us up! 


Amongst a multitude of hair-loving offerings, Maria Nila has conveniently split their products into different ranges depending on your hair care needs, not to mention the added styling, protection and heat defence options too. Within these options, you’ll find a new LiB fave in the form of their newest launch the Eco Therapy Revive collection. This collection is here to make your hair the perfect canvas for upcoming styling products. Containing ingredients that offer your hair a gentle detox, this range uses a micellar complex that is gentle to every strand, but highly effective in ridding your hair of impurities and residual build-up that naturally occur over time. Not only will this range remove build up, save and soften your hair, but it will also protect any colour from free radicals and UV radiation and follow up with moisturising aloe vera – what more could you want?! 


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This range cares in two different ways: one, being the perfect balance of natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients and two, the lack of environmental impact left by the production of the products included. Looking at the ingredients firstly, in the Eco Revive range you can expect a scent of green cucumber, pear and peach nectar alongside restoring plant-based proteins from kale, carrot and lemon. So not only will your hair be left rejuvenated and healthy but it will smell as uplifting as it feels. Environmentally, Maria Nila has nailed how to make as little impact as possible. Not only are the brand vegan and cruelty free as a whole, but they’re also certified by Ecocert and all of their packaging is CO2 compensated and carbon neutral. 

Fancy trying haircare that truly cares? The Maria Nila Eco Revive Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque are now available as part of our Conscious Beauty Edit over on the LiB Beauty Counter. Race you there…

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