If you’re anything like us, Christmas was all about overindulging (cheese board every single day? Guilty) – it’s inevitable and something we shouldn’t feel too bad about, because, well, that’s just the joy of the festive season. With that being said, as January rears its ‘back to reality’ head, it’s common to feel the need to embrace a detox – whether that be a full-blown lifestyle overhaul (Veganuary anyone?) or small changes to help you look and feel your best again. Here at LiB, we’re sharing with you some of our simple and easy tips for a January detox, focusing on cleansing inside and out.


An obvious but necessary one? Yes, you guessed it – drink more water. Six to eight glasses a day is recommended for optimum hydration levels and the flushing out of toxins. We suggest getting yourself a super cool water bottle for keeping on your desk, allowing you to monitor how much you’re drinking throughout the day. This one is great for your skin too, because what you put inside really does affect the outside.

Cut down your caffeine and alcohol intake. Wait, hear us out. Before you drive yourself crazy with the thought, we’re definitely not saying you have to go teetotal; cutting down on stimulants slowly is a more effective way for maintaining your detox without the symptoms that come with avoiding them entirely. How about starting your day with hot water and fresh lemon? Similarly, herbal tea is a great alternative, or if you really can’t break away from your morning coffee, opt for decaf instead.

Choose one ‘naughty’ thing to eliminate. Cutting out one specific thing is much more manageable and realistic than banning the entirety of your guilty food pleasures. We’re avoiding processed foods, starting with biscuits. This makes elevenses a struggle, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do…

Move more. So, we’ve pledged to go to the gym more than once this year (even that would be an improvement on last year) but if that’s not within your means, simply make an effort to move more. That could be as simple as going for a walk on your lunch break, or doing 20 star jumps in the office every day (much to the amusement of your colleagues, of course).

Getting enough sleep. Yes, that means putting down the phone in good time before hitting the hay. A bath using Lavender Epsom Salt can work wonders at detoxing both body and mind while improving the quality of your sleep. This isn’t just an old wives’ tale either, we’re talking real therapeutic benefits here, ladies – try it for yourself!


In the words of Blu Cantrell, we need to let it breathe. We’re not going to lie, the amount of makeup that’s sat on our face over the festive period is akin to the contents of a cement mixer; thick and heavy – but may we add, flawless? The benefits of giving your skin a break is second to none, and no makeup days will allow your skin to breathe, ensuring the efficacy of subsequent skincare steps. If you’re sat in horror at the thought of temporarily parting ways with your foundation, try a light tinted moisturiser, BB or CC cream.

✖️ Start with the inside. As we’ve previously mentioned, what goes inside really does affect the outside. For a total skin detox, ideally you should adapt your diet according to your skincare goals. Processed foods, dairy and refined sugar all contribute to the clogging of pores, therefore opting for alkaline-rich fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats like avocados and nuts, keep skin flawless and glowing from the inside out.

Invest in the double cleanse. OK, we know that sometimes it’s hard enough to wash your face once, but doing it twice really ups your game. The first cleanse should always target the removal of makeup products, while the second – and most vital – allows your cleanser to reach and clean deep into the pores. Double cleansing is especially beneficial to those of us living in big cities, to first remove the pollution and daily grime, then to properly clean.

? Give skin supplements a try – no really, give them a whirl. Want to reset your biological clock while giving your skin a good seeing to? An anti-ageing marine collagen drinkable liquid supplement is just what the skin doctor ordered. This one by Absolute Collagen is one of our favourites and works from the inside out to hydrate and plump the skin for fewer lines and wrinkles. It’s the year to be the best version of you, naturally. Add it to your next box!

Discover the wonder ingredient that is charcoal. This detoxifying ingredient works to draw out impurities from the skin, great for skin that is acting up after too many late nights and parties. Products harnessing charcoal control oil while working to tighten pores, thus improving the overall look of your skin.

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