We might as well rename December glitter appreciation month because we’re planning to wear a lot of it. Glitter makes everything instantly better and this seriously simple DIY will transform your look to ensure all eyes are on you. If you’re a false lash fan, we’re showing you how to jazz up your lash line ready for the festive season in just a few simple steps…



* False eyelashes (our preference? Ardell Lashes 3D Mega Volume Lashes Black 250)
* Eyelash glue
* Sequins
* Some kind of brush (we used a makeup brush)
* Tweezers


First of all, you’re going to want to select the lashes you intend to wear and decide what kind of look you want to go for. We opted for two different designs; one pair dipped in pink and silver glitter and the other covered in blue glitter adorned with a deeper blue sequin on the outer corner. If you have smaller sequins you could fully cover the lash band with them for extra sparkle.

Secondly, apply the lash glue to the tips of the lashes and wait until tacky.


Now for the fun bit! Dip your brush in your chosen glitter and brush it across the parts of the lashes that are tacky with glue. It really is that easy, but SUPER effective. If applying sequins, apply the glue directly to the back of the sequin and hold down onto the lash until the glue sets. This bit can get a tad fiddly so we’d recommend using some tweezers.


And voila! There you have it – super snazzy, party-ready lashes that bring all the glam! Try it for yourself by adding some false eyelashes to your box this month.

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