Written by: Dean Smith

With SO many beauty products and so many new launches, it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on in beauty, and more importantly, what to try and where to spend your hard earned cash, right? This is especially true if you are in the mood for something a little more high end. Taking the plunge and splashing out on the unknown can be risky business. That’s where the beauty experts come in.

India Knight is KNOWN in the industry for uncovering new products, new must-haves and the things that are really worth trying. Our India Knight Edit, in partnership with The Sunday Times Style, is a who’s who of approved beauty.

We have rounded up what India had to say in her cult column, giving you the inside scoop. PLUS, we have also added some tips from LiB on how to get the most out of each product…

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Olverum Bath Salts

If you’re buying a present for a man or a woman (me) who likes bracingly scented, almost medicinal baths, then the divine Olverum, with its piny, alpine excellence, now exists in bath salts form.”

LiB Tip: For extra intensity or to make the product go further, consider filling the bath less than usual, so it is less diluted.

Little Soap Company Olive Oil Soap

“cruelty-free, unscented, baby and child-friendly and, as I say, lovely to use.”

LiB Tip: Ensure the bar is dry after use, or on a proper soap dish (with air holes under) so it doesn’t “melt down” on the side of your sink AKA turn to mush.

Dr Barbara Sturm Glow Drops

“The texture of the preparation is heavenly: it looks like single cream but feels cool and gel-like, and it is entirely without stickiness.”

LiB Tip: Add directly to skin. No mixing. You want this straight on your skin to get the benefits.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 04

In her column, India wrote positively about the brand and their various scents and all of the noise around them. For this edit, we brought you number 04.

“Long story short, everyone went bonkers for it. It smelt slightly different on everybody, but always that indescribable cosy, sexy, nuzzly scent, like the warm flesh of the most attractive person in the world, but not carnal as such — more elegant.”

LiB Tip: Our only tip here is to get it and use it. It’s divine.

Hairstory New Wash & Hair Balm

“It’s brilliant. I’m sorry to be recommending something so fricking pricey, but if you’re the sort of person who has never liked their hair and is always wishing they had a live-in stylist, I think it’s worth it.”

LiB Tip: This is not ordinary wash… so, if you feel like you need to go in again, do.. You can’t over use it… winner.

Margaret Dabbs London Cracked Heel Treatment

“But the real star for me is the cracked-heel treatment, called Cracked Heel Treatment Balm — no silly names here, just statements of fact — that launched earlier this year. It’s like a tiny little pot of magic: you hardly need any and you can practically see it working as the minutes tick by.”

LiB Tip: For optimum results use a foot file to remove excess skin first before you apply this magical balm. Be sure and pop on those lovely socks to keep in the moisture as it works.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Therapies Egyptian Jasmine & Mandarin

a cult product ever since its inception many moons ago for the very good reason that it hasn’t been bettered.”

LiB Tip: Dry, thick hair? Apply before bed, leave overnight and enjoy the softest hair of your life.

Manucurist Nail Polish Green in Victoria Plum

“That manicure remained impeccable until I took it off, and I made a mental note of the brand…”

LiB Tip: Skip the base coat, as you want this beauty going on top of your nail. However, make sure you do add a top coat to help it last.

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