Metallic nails are nothing new in the beauty world, but this latest trend has got the sparkle-loving magpies in us VERY excited. Mirror-shine chrome nails are guaranteed to give your mani a touch of unicorn, and are easily achieved using chrome nail powders.

Before we share our favourite Insta-picks with you, here are some of our top tips for getting the look yourself…

Get the look

  • This look can only be achieved over gel polish, so if you haven’t got an at-home kit with a lamp, it’s best left to the professionals at the salon. For those of you with gel nail kits, mirror chrome powders can be bought online to create this look.
  • Simply paint your nails in your chosen base colour, depending on what kind of finish you’re looking for. For the traditional silver mirror look, you should choose an opaque black and apply silver powder over the top, but there are plenty of mix and match combos. Finish up with a topcoat and cure.
  • Apply your powder with a sponge-tipped eyeshadow brush, using a thin layer of pigment and buffing to a high shine. Then simply seal with another layer of topcoat!

Unicorn manicure achieved!

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