With this month focusing heavily on enhancing your eye look with our Haul of Fame entrant from Eyeko, there was just one thing left to perfect – the lashes. Unfortunately, genes weren’t on my side when they were handing out long, luscious lashes. In fact, my eyelashes leave a lot to be desired: short, poker straight and brazenly sparse. This has always lead me to trying a million and one mascaras in the hope that they’d do something remarkable to my lashes – to no avail.

Thankfully, there are a number of beauty treatments on the market that tackle even the meekest of lash situations, so this month I decided to head to the experts at Lash Perfect to put to test the trendy LPL Lash Lift. This was the ideal treatment for me because, as much as I’d love an extra set of lashes, I’m too lazy for the upkeep of extensions. My attitude to the latter may also explain why I have never been arsed with the faff of falsies. I try (try being the operative word) applying these once a year at Christmas, find myself getting flustered and end up sticking my finger to my eyeballs. Never a good look.


lash-lift-before-and-afterThe LPL Lash Lift is a professional treatment which lifts your natural lashes from the root, giving them a longer and thicker appearance that can last up to six to eight weeks. Think bum lift for your eye lashes, but much cheaper. Essentially, it’s a perm. But not of the 80s hair kind *phew*. LPL offers a bespoke service – thanks to uniquely shaped curling wands, results can be adapted to suit each clients’ individual needs. The wands are available in a mixture of thicknesses and can create either a natural C curl or a more dramatic J curl.


Arriving at the Lash Perfect Lash Bar on London’s Warwick Street, I was instantly drawn to the salon’s chic interior. Every detail had been thought of, even down to the unspoiled display of Lash Perfect branded mugs. It’s probably worth mentioning that I went to my appointment barefaced, but if you do have mascara on, the therapist can remove it for you. Once lead over to the bed, it was time to choose my curl. I’m of the awkward type; someone who gets anxious over making a decision, therefore I opted for something in between the C and J curl. When all else fails, go for the middle ground.

Now for the most vital part of a lash lift: closing your eyes. This may sound easy to some, because who doesn’t relish a mid-afternoon nap? But, keeping your eyes closed for 30+ minutes is no mean feat. The process begins by placing a rubber pad on your upper lash line before softening the lashes to ensure they are malleable enough to adhere to the pad. Using an intricate tool, each lash is pulled upwards and stuck to the pad ready for the solution. This felt a little odd, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

lash-perfect-lashesNext, the first specially formulated cream is slathered over your lashes. The first breaks down the bonds in the hair, allowing for the new shape to be created. It’s probably worth communicating that this particular solution is potent. If you’ve ever bleached your hair, the smell may be familiar. This is kept on your lashes for 12-15 minutes before removing and adding the second cream for the same amount of time. This second step is the formula that rebuilds the structure and bonds previously broken down to ensure the new shape holds. Pretty clever really. lash-perfect-lash-tintIt’s after both solutions have been applied that your lashes can be tinted. I have very fair lashes for a natural brunette, so I opted for the darkest tint available: blue black. This is left to develop for around 7-8 minutes and voila! You’ve got incredible lashes. Once you open your eyes you’ll feel a little delirious while getting used to the light and most probably relieved that you can, in fact, see again. You’re then advised not to get your lashes wet, or wear makeup, for 24 hours. You can also put your eyelash curlers to the back of your beauty drawer, because trust me, you’re not going to need them. The results are incredible, and you’ll be amazed at how long your natural lashes actually are once they’ve been professionally lifted.


A Lash Lift with tint at Lash Perfect costs £55 and considering I’m one to spend £25 on a mascara that does very little, I’d 100% say it was worth the cost. Six weeks of not having to wear mascara or accidentally pulling my lashes out with my curler? I’m on the lash lift hype for the long haul.