February’s coming up, which means it’s time to whip your pout into soft, smooth shape! Even if you’re too busy to be kissing this Valentine’s Day, this homemade Honey Sugar Lip Scrub is a handy all-natural solution for dealing with flaky lips, and makes a great present too. Plus, it’s made with items you probably have sitting in the kitchen cupboard right now! Read on for the recipe…

Honey & sugar lip scrub

  • Two teaspoons brown sugar
  • One teaspoon honey
  • One teaspoon almond oil
  • Bonus: if you want to give your lips a naturally plumped effect, add a pinch of cinnamon

Simply mix the ingredients together until you have a paste, then massage a little into dry lips to smooth away any dead skin cells. The brown sugar exfoliates, the almond oil hydrates, and the honey is naturally anti-septic, so this combo is a win-win for winter lips! It’s also entirely edible, so no need to worry if you sneak a little nibble while scrubbing.

When you’re done exfoliating, simply wash away with warm water for a super-smooth kissable lips! Follow up with your favourite lip balm to keep things nice and hydrated. Need a new lip balm? You can find plenty in our Skincare section of our Build Your Own selection! Happy kissing…