We love beauty, you love beauty, so we thought it would only be right to let you all get to know us a little better. And when we say us, we mean we’re letting you meet the team behind Latest in Beauty, because we’re a pretty great bunch! So much work and dedication goes into bringing you the best selection of products to try each month, and behind the scenes, our team works hard to source beauty treats that we know you will all love. So, you want to delve a bit deeper into LiB and find out who we are? Keep reading. We’re talking deep and personal here guys, it’s riveting stuff. Well, kinda. Today we’re introducing you to our Commercial & Partnerships Director, Charlotte.

Where are you from?
I was born in London, grew up in Suffolk and now I’m back in London again.

What’s your role at LiB?
My role at LIB is Commercial and Partnerships Director. Having worked at LIB for just over 5 years now, I’ve played a part in various areas of LIB life. As Commercial & Partnerships Director I manage and develop all our media partnerships with the likes of YOU magazine, Hearst Magazines and Walt Disney. I am continuously looking to identify new partners and create new business and revenue streams for LIB, which is where the Commercial side comes in too. Numbers don’t always come naturally to me (so it can be tricky at times) but I manage the annual budget set for the year and work to ensure that translates into company growth. Last but not least, I manage a great team of four lovely ladies and we like to call ourselves the Blue Birds!

What’s on your desk?
Coffee…my day always starts with caffeine. Peanut butter, I love the stuff – on toast, in porridge or just straight up with a teaspoon from the jar! I’m also a complete neat freak so I like to keep my desk very clean and tidy.

Describe yourself in three emojis


The sassy Senorita is my absolute favourite. Cue a boomerang and that is me.
The champagne bottle and trainer are a bit contradictory. I’m very into my exercise and do so daily but I also like to finish my day with a G&T or a cold glass of rose!

Your colleagues would describe you as…
An organised, Spanish speaking, G&T enthusiast!

What are you most likely to have for lunch?
During the week I like to make myself a big salad with lots of goodies (goodies are vital, there is nothing worse than a half-hearted salad!) such as goats cheese, asparagus, courgetti and pomegranate seeds. I’m a protein fiend so chicken tends to be the main ingredient. Fridays are my Planet Organic days. I’m slightly obsessed with their ‘build your own’ salads and spelt lasagne!

Your go to makeup look is…A natural glowy one. As a serial sunseeker with olive skin I tend to have a bit of a tan all year round which acts nicely as a bit of a base layer and glow! I’m use Laura Mercier Foundation Primer daily and the rest of my makeup bag is filled with Nars. I also tend to opt for eye makeup over lips.

Any beauty sins?
I definitely need to work on cleaning my brushes more regularly.

Office pet peeve?
Did I mention I’m a neat freak?! I like the office to be clean and tidy. When it’s not it bothers me.

Name 3 favourite BYOB products (Build Your Own Box, FYI)

IMG_9795 copyMiller Harris Rose Silence Fragrance – I am completely obsessed with this lovely scent. It first fell into my hands last Christmas when we had the product in our Beauty Advent Calendar (this years’ is coming soon by the way, so stay tuned!), and ever since then I’ve been wearing it every day.

Lancaster  Sun Beauty Velvet Milk SPF30 & Sun Beauty Velvet Touch Cream SPF30 Duo – Lancaster is quite a new brand to me but I really like their products. I like to travel and with that comes the need for suncream but I’m actually allergic to a few brands. Strange I know! Lancaster smells lovely and does exactly what it says on the bottle. They also do a brilliant Tan Enhancer moisturiser too.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm – ELEMIS was one of the first brands I worked with when I started at LIB. I never really had a favourite skincare brand until I started to try the ELEMIS products. Now I’m a complete convert and the Cleansing Balm is incredible. I always follow it up with the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream moisturiser.

Fancy giving Charlotte’s favourites a go?