Written by: Dean Smith

Our first ever The Times Ultimate Men’s Grooming edit features some of the very best brands in men’s grooming, including products to cleanse, treat, moisturise, protect and perfect that will compliment any beauty cabinet. It’s a no brainer when it comes to the brands we included, and below we’ve given you the low down on who’s included plus a bit about each of them so you can get a heads up on who’s ‘in’…

Super Facialist are known for delivering simple, easy and effective skincare for all skin concerns. Combining high-performance scientific ingredients with natural extracts that work. Their smart men’s range is accessible and gets the thumbs up from us.

Jack Black
Having been on the block for over 20 years and now rated as one of the number 1 selling men’s brands, this customer-focused brand has a simple mantra: ‘Nothing complicated, nothing cosmetic. Just superior skincare’. We love their male centric no-nonsense approach to grooming and had to have them in this edit.

ARgENTUM Apothecary
Founded by Joy Isaac, this brand, known for their use of colloidal silver, is a touch of (effective) luxury in our Men’s Grooming edit. Delivering a luxury range of products from natural origins that are led by science, ARgENTUM Apothecary is a no brainer for any grooming routine. Fancy.

Fudge Professional
A men’s grooming classic, Fudge are renowned for celebrating individuality and experimentation. With a range of products that are set to help anyone turn heads and stand out with ease, their expert products will fit easily into any routine. Sustainability is also firmly on their agenda. We love that.

They may have been around since 1904, but don’t be fooled. This British brand are still serving us with efficient and innovative products that enhance the health of your skin and hair. Think no-nonsense, easy, effective products that can be relied on. Sustainability and green beauty are at the heart of everything they do too.

A LiB FAVE and a must-have inclusion, BARBER PRO know men’s grooming. With a sharp focus on producing innovative grooming products with natural formulas and highly effective ingredients, you just know it’s going to work. Expect a NEW LAUNCH.

Perhaps a little less known on the high street, this brand delivers some of the best men’s products we have seen. Committed to creating unique, gentle and naturally pure beauty products that respect the environment, use the best of nature to care for you; this is going to be your new favorite brand.

Daimon Barber
The cool kid on the block. We knew no men’s grooming edit would be complete without this British brand. With a range that utilises the finest natural ingredients and quality materials (with ingredients sourced from the UK), this brand will simplify and elevate any routine.

Shakeup Cosmetics
Have you heard of Shakeup Cosmetics? If you haven’t, you soon will. Self-described as a game-changer in men’s grooming, they aim to challenge gender stereotypes, reject hyper masculinity and embrace a new era in men’s beauty. We say YES.

Perricone MD
Created by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a world-renowned author, Perricone MD is driven by the pursuit of innovation and excellence. A brand adored by beauty enthusiasts and respected by those in the know, this brand delivers real results. Expect impressive, potent, topical skincare that is second to none.

A cult brand for a reason, Origins is committed to respecting the planet AND you. With products suitable for all and coveting almost every concern, this brand knows good skincare. Utilising the highest-quality plant, earth and sea-based ingredients and advanced science, they create products that truly deliver.

Bulldog Skincare
Expect no-nonsense, simple, effective grooming products. Their straightforward ranges for normal, sensitive, oily or mature skin are purpose built for men and specially formulated to help you look and feel your best. We love their down to earth approach and that most of their products are produced in the UK.

Rabot Beauty 
Think natural, beautiful ingredients that feel like a touch of luxury, yet are surprisingly simple. Offering something a little different in what is a busy beauty market, we love their focus on the senses. Expect products that will be good for you, make you smell divine AND soothe your mind.

Born in Soho, and established 1987 on the site of an ex-fishmongers no less, Fish is all about individuality and using their high performance, salon professional products to give you your own distinct Soho Style. We think Fish adds a touch of London cool to any grooming kit.

Modern British grooming for the gentleman that likes quality. Think modern, pioneering formulations that deliver results fast, with no fuss. Their unique products are crafted to care for men’s skin and make any grooming routine even better. We adore their ethos.

A brand that needs little introduction. This huge brand also delivers big. If you want hardworking, reliable, no-nonsense products, then NIVEA will never disappoint.