The ultimate edit for at-home grooming maintenance, our 2020 Ultimate Men’s Grooming Box delivers 10 go-to products from the likes of HOUSE 99 and Lab Series PLUS newcomers including Hawkins & Brimble and Seven Potions for only £26. Making the perfect gift for you, Father’s Day, or for a special man in your life, it’s a no brainer.

Better yet, a grooming gift for him is the perfect way to stop him stealing your products. Right? Let’s break it down and tell you why this edit is the best gift for any man in your life this year.

If you are wanting it for Father’s Day, although we cannot guarantee delivery, we recommend ordering it ASAP.


As loved and used by our Ecommerce & Marketing Director, Dean.


Seven Potions Pre-Shave Oil – Pure Equilibrium
This is quite literally a game changer. As someone who clean shaves, shaving irritation is something I like to avoid. Adding this oil before my normal shaving gel was a game changer. It left me with much less irritation than before, softening both hair and skin while creating a great slip. A shaving oil is now a staple in my bathroom.


Hawkins & Brimble Energising Eye Cream
As a new brand to LIB, and also a British one with a barber shop aesthetic, we wanted to include Hawkins and Brimble as we knew it would be a great brand for all men to try.

The Energising Eye Cream helps you to wave bye bye to bags. While I do use my face creams all over, this product is excellent for helping to brighten, diminish the fine lines and lessen the puffiness that I often get around my eyes – usually from either too much screen time, or lack of sleep. It’s lightweight and absorbs easily.


Lab Series Oil Control Daily Moisturizer and Future Rescue Repair Serum
Let’s talk about science led skincare. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m all about skincare. Lab Series has been around for a while and as a science led brand, really delivers effective skincare that works. I love all of their products, but these two work very well together to lock in hydration. Use the serum first and follow up with the moisturiser. It’s a little trickier to get hold of these days, so having it in our box was a real treat.


Yardley Gentleman Urbane Compact Perfume
Classic, niche AND fresh – exactly what I love in a scent. I often shy away from the mass, high street and department store fragrances as I feel like you end up smelling similar to everyone else. These Yardley fragrances smell clean and classic. Being a handy travel size, it’s great for a night out too, so I can top up later on.

THE ONES YOU CAN STEAL (It’s time to get your own back!)


HOUSE 99 Soften Up Body and Hair Wash
One for all genders, David Beckham’s brand adds a bit of luxury to your shower. You can steal it as a body wash and he can also use it to freshen up his hair – it’s a great multitasker. If it’s good enough for the Beckhams, it’s good enough for us.

Hawkins & Brimble Facial Scrub
You can’t go wrong with introducing a gentle scrub into your routine once a week, as all skin types – despite gender – need exfoliation to renew. If you want to steal his, you may want to use it as a body scrub pre-shaving your legs. It works a treat.


Fudge Urban Matte Wax
A wax on female hair? Yes! If you’ve never used wax on your hair (especially sleek hair styles) you’d be surprised at the results. Whether you use it lightly (rubbed into your hands) to tame flyaways, or sleek out a ponytail, it’s time to tame the mane.


Fudge Pro Styling by Fudge Hair Shaper
Again, men’s hair products can always be adapted to women, which means you can merge your stash and both sport fabulous hair. Infused with coconut oil, not only does this hair shaper smooth hair and tame flyaways, its curl memory is great for curlier styles, too.



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