Written by Maria Nichol

Our exclusive Natura takeover has begun, and we’ve got seven outstanding formulas dropping over the next seven days! Creating stellar cosmetics through ingredients sourced from Brazilian biodiversity, the brand has built a reputation for producing beauty that really gives back. Intrigued? Read on to find out more about the brand, their key ingredients and the ranges dropping on the LiB Box Beauty Counter. 



With an extensive range of beauty products spanning from bath and body to face and hair, it’s fair to say Natura know a thing or two about cosmetics. Founded in 1969, the brand has placed sustainability (think forest conservation, waste reduction, climate protection) at the heart of their efforts from the beginning, becoming pioneers in natural beauty that gives back. 

Their commitment to the planet continued in 1983 when they became the first beauty brand in Brazil to adopt package refills, they stopped testing on animals back in 2006 and were carbon-neutral by 2007. Fast forward to today, and all of their formulas are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and made using raw materials from communities of the Amazon region in a sustainable way that encourages conservation of the forest. 



For over 20 years, Natura has supported fair trade when partnering with the communities of Brazil, particularly in the Amazon region. Working alongside local farmers, the brand sources natural ingredients that are beneficial to their beauty products, while ensuring Amazonian populations can be developed economically and ancestral knowledge, traditions and customs are respected. Both their EKOS and CHRONOS ranges contain do-good ingredients like castanha (or the Brazil nut), açaí, murumuru and jatobá – all synonymous with the Amazon. 




Their high-performance body care line EKOS combines the power of pure Amazonian ingredients with the latest cosmetic technology to create effective, clean, natural products that are not only vegan but housed in environmentally efficient packaging too. 

Dropping on the Beauty Counter, we have four star formulas that have you covered from head to toe. For essential hand care, you can rely on their Açaí Hand Cream. Light and hydrating, it’s made with açaí oil, which is rich in antioxidants – oh and don’t forget that irresistible fruit fragrance too.



For hair, the Murumuru Restoring Hair Mask is a potent repairing treatment that seals split ends and recharges hair with vital nutrients. Further damage remedy for the locks comes in the form of the brand’s Patahuá Hair Strengthening Oil, a rich multitasking oil that reduces split ends by 70% and protects against damaging heat styling. For the body, a shower-time treat – Natura’s Castanha Exfoliating Shower Gel, a formula that uses Brazil nut oil to nourish while apricot seeds buff the skin beautifully and eliminate dead skin cells. 




CHRONOS is the brand’s facial skincare range, curated for each stage of your life so you look and feel your best, whatever age you are (or feel!). Unique formulas combine efficient active ingredients found in Amazonian biodiversity with potent ingredients developed by dermatological science. The range is a complete line tailored to your needs to bring real, immediate and intensive results with maximum efficiency in your daily routine.

We have three standout formulas landing on the Beauty Counter: The Intense Purifying Cleanser is a gel formulated with candeia and salicylic acid to deeply cleanse the pores and reduce skin oiliness in just 28 days. Their Firming and Radiant 45+ Night Face Cream is formulated specifically for women aged 45+ and contains jatobá extract and amino acids help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost elastin and collagen production. Lastly, the Aqua Auto-Replenish Gel Hydrator is a scientifically proven triumph, a moisturising gel made with Brazilian fevillea, prebiotics, beet betaine and hyaluronic acid, natural actives that recharge the skin with water and stimulate self-hydration, according to your personal needs. 



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