In reference to The Soil Association’s recent research against greenwashing in the beauty industry, 76% of consumers feel misled by some labelling on beauty products in regards to their organic credentials. The new research, released as part of the Soil Association’s Campaign for Clarity, shows that 72% of people said they would lose trust in a beauty brand that made misleading claims about being organic. Misleading consumers is still so prevalent, which is often surprising considering how far the beauty industry has come, yet – unlike organic food – there is currently no legislation for organic cosmetics. This means that anyone can make an organic claim, no matter how the product was made and how much organic material it actually contains. To put this into perspective, it’s not uncommon to see a brand referencing a product as organic with very little organic ingredients (under 5% for example). This can leave many consumers a little bewildered when shopping for organic products and unethically mislead.

The Soil Association is the UK’s leading certification body for recognising organic products and provides brands with a stamp of approval if they meet the standards of using 95% organic ingredients in any one product. Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week (running from 15-21 May) is a celebration of those brands that are certified. Remember to always #LookForTheLogo.

So, how about joining us this week and making conscious organic beauty swaps? It’s easy peasy and a great step in organicifying (yeah, we just made that up if you were wondering) your beauty routine.

iStock-165631468-2Cotton Pads – We use a hell of a lot of them to remove our makeup and can imagine you do too. How about swapping your usual Primark faves for Organic cotton pads, which are better for the environment and your health.

iStock-165631468-3Cotton Buds (AKA Q-Tips) – The little bud that has many talents. We use these for literally everything. Eyeliner mishap? Cotton bud. Ears in need of cleaning? (come on, it happens) Cotton Bud. Emergency toothpick? (remove the fluff, obvs) Cotton Bud. They are without-a-doubt the most essential thing in your beauty cupboard. Help the earth out this week and swap for organic and biodegradable versions.

iStock-165631468-4Face Cloth – If you’re an avid cleanser (who isn’t?) then your stash of cleansing clothes is probably taking up 1/4 of your bathroom shelf, or is that just us? If you’re more of a face cloth user as opposed to cotton pads or (dare we say it) face wipes, then make sure to go organic. There’s a huge range of muslin cloths varying in texture, shape and size, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. You just gotta be kinder to that skin of yours, haven’t ya?

iStock-165631468-5Face Wipes – AKA, the beauty devil incarnated for some. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying the fact that they’re super easy for when you’re having a lazy moment (or after too many team G&Ts in our case). Whether you only use them occasionally or all the time, it’s good to opt for organic alternatives and Natracare do some great ones – a brand that cares about its ingredients and materials is a good one to snap up.


001_24We’d also recommended adding this Green People Age Defy 24H Brightening Moisturiser to your box this week, it’s an organically produced good’un and gets to work on fine lines and wrinkles like there’s no tomorrow…




Ps. If you fancy some great organic reading, check out Naturally Diddy, who was kind enough to share some of these tips with us.