So, we’ve picked our 13 ICONS across skincare, makeup, haircare and nails, which feature in our 10 Year Anniversary ICONS Box (quick, get yours before it’s gone!) but it’s now time to delve deeper into our holy grail products. To celebrate 10 years of being the ultimate authority in beauty boxes, we will be showcasing the team’s top picks from the box, sharing with you why they’re iconic and why they made the cut.


LIB_ICONS_HARRI My ICONIC beauty look... is glowy makeup, heavy on the fragrance
EVE LOM Cleanser is best for… taking off even the most long lasting makeup after a long day at work!
EVE LOM Cleanser is iconic because… it was the first balm to oil cleanser on the market, plus it’s incredibly luxurious and always feels like such a treat for you skin.
My favourite LiB memory: many Friday evenings spent cry laughing with the team over a Prosecco (or two) after a super busy week
My ICONIC beauty look is… natural, bold eyes, bold brows and big hair
Rodial is best for… perfectly outlining your lips while still looking natural. No re-application needed!
Rodial is iconic because… it is one of the only liners I have come across that can do it all. Defines lips perfectly in a lush matte nude that is long lasting and not drying.
My favourite LiB memory: when things got seriously out of hand at our building’s Glow Party…
My ICONIC beauty look is… as natural as possible, Magenta lipstick
ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is best for… effortlessly managing all hair types
ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is iconic because… your hair feels wonderfully soft and silky
My favourite LiB memory: sharing pizza in the park on a hot Summer day LIB_ICONS_CHRIS
My ICONIC beauty look is… eyelash extensions and a bold lip
STARKSIN Detoxing sea kelp leaf face mask is best for… calming stressed skin
STARKSIN Plumping & hydrating bio-cellulose second skin lip masks is best for… giving your lips a new lease of life
STARKSIN Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask is iconic because… it really does what it says!
STARKSIN Plumping & Hydrating Bio-cellulose Second Skin Lip Masks are iconic because… it plumps and hydrates!
My favourite LiB memory: meeting Styled By Raghav LIB_ICONS_SASHA
My ICONIC beauty look is…  mascara, sun kissed skin with a nude lip!
MASQD Blusher brush is best for… creating beautiful glowy skin and refreshing your look!
MASQD Blusher brush is iconic because… its soft on the skin and blends everything together so naturally
It’s a must for an everyday glow!
My favourite LiB memory: when Christina prank called Jemma and Jemma believed every word HAHAHAHA..
My ICONIC beauty look is… fresh and as natural as possible with subtle makeup accentuating the eyes
Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment is best for… firmer and smoother looking skin
Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment is iconic because… it’s really amazing and very effective product. The skin tells you ‘Thank you’ every day after day one of using this product!
My favourite LiB memory: Fridays with prosecco and lots of laughing and… one of our spontaneous team parties 😉