’Tis the season for a blow dry. As someone who spends 11 months of the year air drying her hair, December is officially the month to step it up a notch.

Come winter and the lack of sufficient central heating, the time it takes to air dry my hair increases considerably. Leaving the house with sopping wet hair while temperatures plummet isn’t something I find particularly enjoyable, which means the time has come to dust off the hairdryer.

With Christmas soirées taking over my diary, there’s little time to squeeze in a trip to the salon. For this reason, it’s time to master the art of an at-home blow dry. With the help of this month’s Haul of Fame brand, SHOW Beauty, my vision of achieving model-worthy party hair has become more of a reality. In just a few easy steps and minimal effort, I was left with a hair style that I’d be more than happy to rock at the Christmas party. If you’ve selected the SHOW Riche Leave-In Conditioner in your box this month, here’s how to get the most out of your product while discovering how to be the star of your own show with a salon-worthy blow dry at-home.


Party season generally entails excessive styling, therefore to keep your hair in the best condition it’s best to use preventative measures to avoid potential heat damage. In addition to weekly hair masks that you can leave on overnight, the use of a leave-in conditioner post shampoo and conditioner will help to replenish hair in addition to strengthening the bonds. SHOW Beauty’s opulent Riche Leave-In Conditioner is easily absorbed into the hair without weighing it down, leaving hair nourished, light and velvet-sleek. This wonder product is enriched with shea butter to lock in moisture, while white truffle and caviar extracts enrich hair with amino acids and proteins to moisturise and add tensile strength. Once I have washed and conditioned my hair as per my usual routine, I’ll distribute the product from mid-lengths to ends before wrapping my hair in a hair turban. This is the best way to towel dry hair without further damage.


At this point, the Riche Leave-In Conditioner has been the showstopper, leaving my hair knot and frizz free, more manageable and ready for styling. I’ll always follow the aforementioned with a heat protectant prior to using heat, which is crucial for maintaining hair health.


I love the tousled look, which is, thankfully, one of the easiest styles to achieve without too much effort. It’s now time to put the hairdryer to good use, sectioning hair as I go to increase drying time. Using my paddle blow drying brush I’ll lightly dry the hair downwards, often flipping my head upside down for an added volume boost. My top tip here is to never go over the same part of hair too many times to, again, avoid potential heat damage (if you start to sense your hair is frazzling, pull the hairdryer further away from your head). You’ll notice during the blow dry that the Riche Leave-In Conditioner has maintained smoothness without weighing down your hair.


If I don’t have time to tong my hair, I’ll only blow dry until 75% dry, leaving me with slightly damp hair that I can plait to create loose waves with an airy look. I will then use the hairdryer to blow over the plaits to help it set in the style I desire. Once dried and unravelled, I can touch up any stubborn strands with a light wave created using a straightener.


To finish the look, I’ll give my hair a quick spritz of texturising spray, which is the secret to an undone (yet put together) off-duty style. It’s at this point that I will also go back in with the Riche Leave-In Conditioner, patting it into the ends of my hair to seal any breakage while also adding a touch of shine. A special treat, which is best reserved for party hair, is the SHOW Beauty Hair Fragrance, which adds a decadent twist to your style.

Now all that’s left to do is to pick an outfit…

Experience SHOW Beauty’s Riche Leave-In Conditioner (worth £35) when you create your box this month!