Pavan Henna – the brand taking the world of henna by storm. With an aim to make henna easily available to EVERYONE and a multitude of different formulas for all occasions, you can expect nothing shy of genius when it comes to these products. Expected of course, from the founder Pavan Dhanjal who has dedicated her time to creating this formidable brand and has under her belt years of experience and a Guinness World Record (she completed 512 unique armbands in an hour, smashing her 2009 record). Read on to find out more about what you can expect from these products: 


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Lasting on the skin for up to two weeks, these henna options are traditional, easy to use and perfect for any occasion. Jaguar Black is a SAFE alternative to Black Henna – contains no chemicals and is all natural, this henna is applied on the skin, and then deepens to a black colour after 12 to 14 hours. Making beautiful designs look like real tattoos and lasts on the skin for 2 weeks. Original Brown is a rich Henna Paste mixed with essential oils applied on the skin to create intricate designs that last for up to two weeks!


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This amazing new formula was created as the ultimate party must have! A non toxic, vegan friendly, paint based formula that glows under neon light! Zero commitment and zero fuss, lasts on the skin for 24 hours.


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Glitters mixed with glue that is safe for the skin and lasts for up to 10 hours, this is a biodegradable gel that sparkles to no end! The glitter lasts on the skin for up to 4 hours, adding that perfect touch to any colour henna, or even on its own. From the metallic henna that made a debut on the Paris Fashion Week Runway, you can expect matte gold and silver that are the perfect alternative to jewellery for any auspicious occasion, that you can change up every time!

For more information, how to’s and design ideas, head to the Pavan Henna website for a truly immersive experience: