In celebration of fashion month and our fabulous September member reward from QUIZ (20% off when you build your monthly edit) Harri and I tasked each other to a bit of online shopping – not unheard of for either of us let’s be honest. Motivated by the Polyvore days of the internet (weren’t they the best?) we decided to style an outfit that we thought the other would wear from the QUIZ closet. Amusingly – and by complete coincidence – we discovered that we’d opted for the same dress. No, really. Out of the hundreds of items on site, we were drawn to THE SAME dress. If that doesn’t say something about our friendship I don’t know what does. I guess that’s what you get when you share a desk with someone eight hours a day, five days a week.

So, if you’re looking for different ways to style the same outfit then we’ve got that mastered. We set our budget to £100 for a full outfit, which meant with your 20% discount applied, you’d be spending no more than £80 on an entire new look. We’d say that’s a pretty good deal, wouldn’t you?

You can always depend on QUIZ for its variety of clothing styles, whatever the occasion. They deliver catwalk style looks and all the latest trends with the best value, allowing you to try out the latest and greatest styles without having to take out a bank loan (always a bonus). Let’s reveal our looks and the reasoning behind why we choose them…


JEM: Whenever I see a midi dress (especially of the animal print variety) I always think of Harri. This is where our style is very similar, because evidently she knows I also love a midi dress. Harri’s style is very timeless, chic and classic – a bit more refined than mine, I must admit. Come autumn/winter, Harri loves a knee high boot; a trend I’m very aware that I cannot pull off myself. The boot she chose for me is right up my street – I love a block heel, even more so if it’s slightly unnatural in shape. To complete Harri’s look, I wanted to add the city chic element with a felt fedora (another thing I’d kill to pull off) and fringed bucket bag. If I had the budget, I’d have added a beige tailored jacket, but for under £100 I think I did quite well.

HARRI: Jem and I have something big in common when it comes to fashion, we both love leopard print – that’s why I picked this gorgeous midi dress! I thought this dress would be a super universal piece in Jem’s wardobe. It would work dressed down with trainers to the office, on the weekend with some Chelsea boots, and paired with some black block heels for an evening look. I know Jem goes to a lot of events, so I picked her some smart / casual pieces to pair with it. These faux croc boots screamed Jem and I thought the matching bag was very on trend. Hair accessories are very “in” at the moment and I thought this glam clip would add a edgy twist to the look!

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