Oh, Valentine’s Day; 14 February, just a normal Wednesday, Single Awareness Day – whatever you want to call it, it’s fast-approaching. If you’re not in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you can’t get involved – being single on Valentine’s Day is pretty great; self-love and enjoying your own company is hugely important and, let’s not beat around the bush, Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to treat yourself to your favourite things. Lots of things.

If you’re looking for a way to occupy your time this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got some tried and tested tips to having a truly desirable evening from the comfort of your own sofa. Side note: If you’re planning on throwing an anti-valentine’s party, then simply indulge in some pre-event self-love and pampering, but don’t forget to send us an invite. We’ll be waiting…


  • Pizza is your Valentine and will always be there for you. That’s what we tell ourselves anyway. If there’s one thing Valentine’s Day allows (without the guilt), it’s ordering take out. Go wild, ladies.
  • Gordon, Ben and Jerry: the only three men you could possibly need on the ‘most romantic night’ of the year. Pour yourself an XL glass of gin and tonic and grab a large spoon for some much-needed ice cream action. Oh, and portion control is not a thing on Valentine’s Day…
  • Forget pity party, it’s all about the pamper party. It may sound clichéd, but a good pampering sesh is something that never fails to make us feel good. We’re talking the whole shebang; a long soak in the bath, face mask, hair mask, foot soak, mani/pedi – and if you really want to treat yourself, book a masseuse to pop over for an at-home treatment.

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  • Kick back with your celebrity crush. OK, so you might not be able to physically achieve this (even though we often dream of an evening with Colin Firth) but a movie is a great way to enjoy the evening, especially if your celeb crush is the lead…
  • Prepare for the big day. Get ahead of the game and order in the supplies! Our Date Night Box is the perfect pre-Valentine’s treat to yourself, filled to the brim with products that are sure to love you back.

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