Written by Annie Whitfield

It’s safe to say, the world of skincare is just a little crowded. From retinols to acids, to gels and creams, it’s hard to know what product does what, where you should be buying it and more importantly, which brands to trust. Although there’s plenty to choose from, we say that trust is a must, and to gain that trust we like to do our research. With that in mind, read on to find out our top tips on how to get the most out of your skincare products, what brands to choose and why we think they’re a trustworthy skincare source. 


Now, we know that the perfect bathroom shelf aesthetic is oh-so-desirable, but ask yourself this, does a £300 eye cream in chic packaging REALLY contain skincare ingredients that are going to benefit your skin? If so, great – but just in case, we implore you to do your own brand research before investing your money into a product. 

CONFUSED? Here’s where to start…

It’s okay to delve deep into a brand’s history, or to try before you buy and search for qualities that are right for YOU. If a brand isn’t familiar to you, start off by finding your desired product and looking into reviews, whether that’s on the brands own website or by other means – like asking questions on relevant Facebook groups. Asking people what they think, comparing skin types and gathering information is sometimes the best way before a big purchase. We recommend groups from the likes of Caroline Hirons, Dr Sam Bunting and Trinny London. Also, don’t always believe what you see on ads, if you’ve got a skincare expert, dermatologist or chemist you trust – ask their opinion too!



When it comes to trusting brands, there’s a lot to consider and every single person finds different qualities appealing – one of our favourite go-tos is an established expert. Introducing Elizabeth Arden – a brand that has well over 100 years of expertise. Now, that’s what we like to call a skincare pioneer. Established in 1910 in New York, Elizabeth Arden herself opened their very first Red Door salon. 121 years later, they have established themselves as leading experts in skincare, make up and fragrance. Using the highest quality ingredients, meticulous research and innovative modern formulations – they’re frontrunners in the beauty industry, renowned for their beauty proficiency. 



A product at the forefront of our it-list of effective, trustworthy skincare is the ever-potent formulations of the Elizabeth Arden ceramide capsules. Designed to repair and strengthen your skins’ natural lipid barrier, these small but mighty capsules contain a perfectly portioned serum that has proven anti-aging and skin rejuvenating results. These award winning capsules target precise skincare issues with several different versions to try. Fully biodegradable and portable, they’re a skincare super-hero and we just can’t get enough.



Not only are the wonders of the Elizabeth Arden ceramide capsules highly effective when flying solo, but they also make for a dreamy skincare duo too. For example, when pairing the Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules Hydra-Plumping Serum and the Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum together (one used in the morning, one in the evening), the skin benefits are doubled, leaving your skin not only super hydrated and revitalised, but also packed full of anti-age working ingredients that are going fight against  fine lines and wrinkles. 


Our final note is… patience. Skincare ingredients are important and effective, but they take time to work. Don’t expect to see your full complexion transformed after one use. Although you might notice your skin looking hydrated and dewy almost instantly –  a meticulous application routine will ensure you see the most benefits and difference in your skin over time. The handy thing about the Elizabeth Adren capsules? They’re completely travel proof. A LiB top tip – keep a few spare in your handbag beauty touch up kit, you’ll never be caught short again. Chic skincare on the go – of course Elizabeth Arden has got you.