For this month’s The Beauty Thread, we asked our Graphic Designer, Ashley, to share her skincare diary while traveling, utilising some of the fab products from this month’s Beauty SOS Edit. See which products made the cut on her transatlantic flight!

Straight up, I am definitely a beauty beginner. At 24, I don’t know too much about skincare beyond the classic wash, tone, moisturise. I keep my routine pretty simple because I am pretty lazy. I have been blessed with decent skin, but I have been getting regular spots on my chin in the past year or so. One goal I had for this year is to get better about taking care of my skin (I only just started wearing moisturiser and SPF this year) and in the new year I’m hoping to stick to a good routine and educate myself about skincare. But as you are about to learn, I have a long way to go.

Dec 15: Flight to USA
-We got up super early to get to the airport. I washed my face the night before so I don’t beat myself up about skipping this morning.

-On the plane, I wash my face with SIMPLE Moisturising Face Wash before I put on the OhK! Pink Clay Sheet Mask. I don’t know if this was a good idea for the very processed air on the plane, but whatever. I follow up with the Mum & You Brightening Eye Gel. This is the first time I’m trying this and it feels so good! I have pretty deep set eyes, so I’m down to use anything to help them look brighter and more alive. I finish off with the Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra Comforting Face Balm. It smells amazing and my face feels so soft afterwards.

-I didn’t wash my face when we got to my parents’ house, but it is super late and I’m exhausted.

Dec 16: The Very Cold Midwest
-Actually do my face this morning – Murad AHA/BHA cleanser, REN Brightening Vit C toner, Mum & You eye gel, and Nuxe Balm (need to buy an SPF today). I top with a good spray of the Iconic PREP-SET-GLOW mist because I am feeling a bit extra. First thing my dad tells me this morning is that I look shiny. Thanks, fam.

-After a long day of shopping with my mom, I’m ready to scrub the day away. I used the Murad again, followed by the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA to try and finish off a few spots I’ve got on my chin. (Is that too much exfoliant? Probably.) Once that has dried, I massage the Nuxe Balm paying closer attention to my cheeks as the cold air has really dried them out.

Dec 17: Road Trip Day 1
-I again don’t wash my face this morning, but my skin feels okay. I’ll be in a car all morning, I tell myself to justify my choice.

-Ate way too much BBQ and alcohol at dinner. I forget to wash my face back at the hotel. At least I used a wet wipe to clean the sauce from my face?

Dec 18: Road Trip Day 2
-Wake up and seriously wonder how I am going to drive 7 hours today. Praying to the skincare gods that I haven’t broken out before I look in the mirror. To my surprise, I am actually doing okay. No new spots. I go through the same morning routine as before, but use a Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture with SPF 35 instead of the Nuxe Balm. No spray today.

-Just wash my face in the shower before I pass out in bed. So tired.

Dec 19: Road Trip Day 3
-No driving today! But lots of walking in the freezing cold outside. Layer up the Nuxe and the Neutrogena for extra protection as if that is a thing.

– Fancy dinner tonight! Pull out all the stops, aka I used my Iconic spray after a nice face massage with my rose quartz roller and Nuxe balm.

Dec 20: Road Trip Day 4
-Do my regular morning routine, I’m surprised to see that my chin is really clearing up and my eyes aren’t nearly as buffy.

– Head to bed super earlier and don’t wash my face.

Dec 21: Road Trip Day 5
-Last day on the road for a few days, so I take a moment to really inspect my face before I see loads of family who I haven’t seen in FOUR YEARS. Pray my skin stays nice so I can show off a bit of a mini glow up. Still can’t get over the Nuxe and Mum & You, my face is so soft.

Dec 22:
Dec 23:
Dec 24:
-I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t really do my routine for three days. Just a wash in the shower with Murad. At least I used the Nuxe tonight now that we are back at my parents’ house.

Dec 25:
-Go through the full routine this morning before the family arrives for Christmas goodness. My forehead looked a little greasy, so don’t moisture as much there. I am beginning to think that the midwestern air is actually doing wonders for me compared to London pollution.

Dec 26:
Dec 27:
-Washed my face in the morning, but then after a super rich dinner and a night out on the town, I forgot to wash my face in the evening.

Dec 28:
-Feel horribly sick and sinusy. After a hot shower, I wash my face because that is all I can manage.

Dec 29:
-My nose is already horribly chapped from blowing my nose. After a quick facial wash, I really massage the Nuxe balm around my nose and cheeks.

Dec 30:
– I promised myself at least one self care day while on holiday and I don’t care that I am sick, that day is today. My skin luck has finally run out and I am getting some spots on my chin. I whip out the Patchology Breakout Box and use one salicylic acid dot, one pore clearing dot, and the nose pore strip (I LOVE THESE!).

Dec 31:
-My spots haven’t magically gone away, but the redness and soreness has really gone down and I feel more human. Praise.

Jan 01:
Jan 02:
Jan 03:
-New Year, New Me is starting a bit late! I seem to have forgotten that skincare is important. The morning of the flight, I make sure to do my full routine. I have got a few more spots in the same old places and decide to move the Patchology box from my checked bag to my carry on. Promise to take my skin regime (if you can call it that) seriously once back in London.

Jan 05: HOME!
-Finally back to the comfort of good ole Wimbledon. After unpacking and taking a short nap, I set up for a good long hot bath. I throw in a good handful of the Tario bath flakes and wash my face with the Murad cleanser to prep for a sheet mask. Decide to treat myself to the new Its Skin Power 10 VB Face Mask. I can never tell if I have put these on the right way round. I use my rose quartz roller to massage my face with the mask on. After the bath, my face feels so great from the mask so I don’t moisturise.

On reflection, I’ve found some great products through work that will make permanent additions to my routine – result!