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The months seem to be slipping by and bang, we’re now looking at August. The month of the long, but slowly fleeting summer nights, with the promises of the new season and September on the horizon. Usually we look for the change of summer to autumn as time to refresh, whether the start of a new fashion season or the new schooling term. But we say, it’s time to greet a wellness revelation slightly early this year, with an amalgamation of new releases that will just make you feel ‘ahhhhh’. 

Boy Smells – Italian Kush 

Screenshot 2021-08-05 at 11.21.45

Unwind your mind and detox the soul in an aroma so soothing your senses instantly feel relaxed after lighting. The newest take on Boy Smells’ KUSH range mixes the grassy scent of hemp flower with citrus and basil to make for a uniquely balanced and regrounding scent.

The Nue Co. – Destress 360 

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With the ability to freely make plans again comes the stress of the never ending life-balancing-act. The supplements crafted by the wellness experts at The Nue Co., incorporate all of the supporting factors your body needs to combat stress. Tackling dwindling mineral stores in your body, these supplements enrich your body with much-needed vitamins to help see you through the day, stress free.


Screenshot 2021-08-05 at 11.35.39From the original and very best silk pillowcase brand Slip comes a new offering, with the same sleep-enhancing benefits. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase reduces the friction caused to your skin and hair during the night that can cause premature wrinkles and breakage. Now, for us knowing we’re effectively giving ourselves an 8 hour beauty treatment by just sleeping is enough to improve our quality of shut eye. We urge you to try it out. 

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